The Christmas sequel of the last year special ‘Christmas of Many Colors‘ starring Dolly Parton will air this Wednesday on NBC.

‘Circle of Love’ will be about the childhood years of the 70 years-old superstar. Parton herself describes this part of his life as “another true story of a Christmas miracle that happened during my childhood.” It begins with little Dolly and her parents, Jennifer Nettles, Rick Schroder, passing through a rough time in their lives. God seems to be testing this beloved family and they ultimately would get rewarded because of their piousness.

Dolly Parton net worth has been reported to be near 450 million dollars. Image Credit: Richest Celebrities

In the story, the family has to live through a dangerous blizzard that puts their lives in danger. Also, Dolly’s father accepts a risky job in a coal mine in order to buy his wife a wedding ring.

Dolly Parton herself, appears in the movie as the town’s “painted lady.” She describes her character as a woman that people qualifies as ugly and trashy. However, little Dolly brags about how she wants to look like her when she grows up. The audience also will have the opportunity to see Gerald McRaney as Dolly’s minister grandpa.

According to the plot, this sequel appears to be even more sentimental than its predecessor, the 2015 “Coat of Many Color.” That special was seen by 13 million people and had a pretty amazing acceptance from the public.

“My favorite part is seeing the reaction of the people when they see the movie tonight, and giving them a family movie, and a Christmas movie, and a holiday movie, and just bringing a little bit of cheer to everybody’s home in America that tunes in,” Rick Schroder, who plays Dolly’s father, told in an interview to ChannelFour this Wednesday.

NBC will air this special on November 30, alongside the transmission of the traditional “Christmas in Rockefeller Center” special.

Parton and Christmas specials

Parton has a lot of experience regarding Christmas themed movies. In her lifetime, she has starred in over 7 even Christmas-related films, in which are included famous titles like “A Smoky Mountain Christmas” (1986), “Unlikely Angel” (1996), “Kenny & Dolly: A Christmas to Remember” (1984), among others.

These late November days are not quite as happy for Dolly Parton. In this month, a series of massive wildfires had taken place in her beloved Tennesee, right in the Great Smoky Mountains. To this date, there are reports that confirm 7 deaths, severe home destruction and even some damage to Dollywood, the amusement park own by Parton.

Source: CNN