Wouldn’t it be great if your company could be prepared for almost any legal issue that may arise?

Does Your Business Need a Lawyer on Retainer? (Yes, and Here's Why)

That may sound like a fairy tale, but it’s not. The key is having a lawyer on retainer.

Instead of waiting for something to go wrong, a lawyer on retainer is always ready to attend to your needs. While you may not be a Fortune 500 company, your business does still need these attorneys, and here’s why.

1. Prevention, Not Reaction

Instead of only reacting to legal problems as they arise, wouldn’t you find it more ideal to solve possible issues before they even crop up?

Lawyers are expensive. You’re not likely to approach one just because you fear that somebody is going to sue you without actual, strong proof of this. You’re not likely to do anything unless something does happen.

With a lawyer on retainer, you don’t have to wait for disasters before acting. You can sign a contract with an attorney, detail the number of hours you will likely need them for, and that’s it. They’ll be there to answer your call and provide you with legal advice at a moment’s notice.

This is beneficial for your company because you don’t have to justify the costs of hiring a lawyer when trying to prevent a seemingly small issue. Instead, you can express these concerns to your lawyer on retainer, who will set things in motion that will prevent any situation from deteriorating.

2. They Are Cheaper

If you have been worried about the cost of hiring a lawyer on retainer, here’s a secret: it’s actually cheaper in the long term.

Lawsuits are costly, both to your finances and your reputation. Whether or not they turn out in your favor, you will probably agree that not going through one is a lot better.

This is where your lawyer on retainer will prove their worth. As previously mentioned, their continuous presence allows you to address issues before they become too big to solve, so the chances of prevention are higher. This means, instead of having to deal with financially damaging lawsuits, you can de-escalate situations so that they never happen in the first place.

3. Familiarity With Your Company

If you choose to outsource a law firm only when issues arise, they are not likely to have detailed information about your company. They won’t know how you work.

By contrast, a lawyer on retainer stays with you longer. This means that they will understand your company more deeply, and therefore will be better equipped to approach your legal issues.

Not to mention, they are more likely to know how to handle your specific issue. Sweetlaw, for instance, offers lawyers who specialize in personal injuries and workplace accidents. You can find out more on Sweetlaw.com.

Hiring a Lawyer on Retainer

Overall, a lawyer on retainer may be the best investment you make for your company.

You can find lawyers on retainer from numerous legal firms. Make sure to go through their services and see if they are specially tasked with this. You can look for lawyers who are experienced with personal injuries and workplace accidents.

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