Glendale, California – Michael Galeota, known as Nick Lighter in The Jersey, was found dead at his house on Sunday afternoon. Until now, there is no official cause of death.

A friend, after calling him without any answer, went home to check him. With still no answer at the door, he climbed through a window and found the body in the living room. The police arrived at the house in the 900 block of West Glenoaks Boulevard by 2:30 p.m.

Michael Galeota was a young actor best known for his role as Nick Lighter in the Disney Channel Original Series “The Jersey.” Credit:

He was 31 years old and had severe problems with alcohol. From 2006 to 2015 he had 3 DUIs. The last one was in September and left an ongoing case. He also served jail time for violating his probation in alcohol-related incidents, as reported by TMZ.

The actor was admitted in the hospital for stomach pains the past week, police officials said. Galeota allegedly went against the doctor’s advice and left. He also suffered from high cholesterol and hypertension.

A GoFoundMe page was set up for a family member to cover the cost of the funeral. The page has raised $18,000.

“He was a precious gift-loving, giving, compassionate, joyful and intelligent. A great inspiration for anyone that heard his genuine, humble, witty and joyful voice, or experienced his smile, laughter and love for just a moment. To know him was to love him,” said Jimmy Galeota, his brother, in the page. “Although his life was short, we are grateful and appreciate the experience of having been loved, and loved him in return, and for being in our lives.”

Galeota plaid, in his most successful role, a teenage boy who had a magic jersey. The show called The Jersey was based in Monday Night Football Club books by Gordon Korman. He had the leading role with Courtnee Draper, Jermaine Williams and Brianne Prather. The series finale was in 2004.

Source: TMZ