Sunburn art is one of the most happenings trends today. However, Dermatologists are warning of the risks associated with sunburn art. Prolonged exposure to the sun could increase the risk of getting skin cancer and premature aging.

It is a known fact that sunburns are potentially dangerous; a new trend is increasingly getting popular. People apply sun cream in myriad and mosaic shaped designs and allow the adjoining skin to burn to create contrasting patterns. The patterns could be Henna designs or even portraits of Mona Lisa or the Cuban revolutionary Cheguera.

suntan art

Well known dermatologist Elizabeth Hale warns that sunburn art are done in areas which are protected. Areas of the body like the neck, the back of the hand, the face that is exposed every day get a low level of sun exposure. However people are exposing those parts of the body which are covered all year round. Exposure of such virgin skin which is covered the year round to long hours of sun is dangerous and the chance of Skin Cancer increases manifold.

It is summertime and with the sun at its zenith, scorching high temperatures, high UV rays leads to sunburns. The latest trending fashion is to use sunburns to draw logos and designs on the body. It is known as sunburn art and leads to the person getting severely sunburnt just to achieve some meaningless and hazardous act. I will not call it art because neither is it aesthetic nor convincing creatively.

Dermatologists are warning people that this trend will increase the risk of getting skin cancer manifold and also makes the skin tight leading to aging at a much faster rate. Increased exposure to sunlight fragments the collagen and the skin looks wrinkled and very old. It had been recommended by dermatologists that people apply SPF 30 sunblock when spending time outdoors and should reapply if they sweat heavily or had a wash.

American Society Of Cancer estimates that there will be 73000 new cases of invasive melanoma and will lead to 10000 deaths annually. Hence people should not disregard the importance of sunburns and safety from the sun.