Singer and actress Demi Lovato made a speech on Monday at the Democratic National Convention (DNC), at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. The songwriter criticized the stigma surrounding mental health issues in the United States.

The 23-year-old singer who has bipolar disorder took advantage of her appearance at the DNC to speak out about mental illness and how unsupportive the federal system is with people who struggle with this conditions and do not have the resources to afford treatment. Lovato said that she had the resources and support to deal with her illness. She currently lives a full and healthy life and wants her peers to do just as good as her.

Demi 1
Demi Lovato performs at the Democratic National Convention. Image credit: E! News.

She thinks that support from politicians is fundamental to break the stigma. With laws that enforce and provides easy access to health care and support, people with a mental condition will have better chances to make it through and live a healthy lifestyle.

“This is not about politics. It’s simply the right thing to do,” she said.

The artist has been an outspoken supporter of Clinton’s candidature throughout the campaign.

“I am proud to support a presidential candidate who will fight to ensure all people with mental health conditions get the care they need to live fulfilling lives. That candidate is Hillary Clinton,” she claimed just before her performance of her most recent single “Confident.”

Lovato has been a mental health advocate for years

Lovato has been struggling with mental disorders since she was 18. In 2010, she enrolled herself into a rehab center to deal with substance abuse, eating disorders and cutting. A year later, she publicly revealed she was suffering from bipolar disorder.

Her efforts to create awareness surrounding mental health issues have been huge. Her father, who also suffered mental illness, died in 2013. A year later she started the Lovato Treatment Scholarship Program in his honor. The program aims to financially support and help those who suffer from a mental illness but cannot afford treatment.

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Demi Lovato supports the Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton. Image credit: CBS News.

In Octobre 2015, she met legislators at Capitol Hill to fight for mental health reform on behalf of the “Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health” initiative.

Lovato said that part of the staff that joins her on tour includes personnel from the treatment center she used to assist to, so they can provide their services to anyone in need. Her touching performance was followed by speeches from Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders, showing their support to the candidate.

Other performances and speeches included comedian Sarah Silverman, actress Eva Longoria, Paul Simon playing the Simon and Garfunkel classic “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” a performance of Boyz II Men and Grammy winner Alicia Keys speaking at a panel about criminal justice and civil rights. Other guests for this week’s convention include actresses Lena Dunham and America Ferrera.

Source: People