An authoring tool, just as the name suggests, is a tool that enables the easy creation of custom training content.

Critical Advantages Of Elearning Authoring Tools That Businesses Mustn’t Overlook

As more and more businesses realize the benefits of training content tailored to their unique training scenarios and needs, they have two options to obtain such content.

The first option is to outsource content development. While there are many benefits associated with the same, outsourcing can prove to be an expensive undertaking. Hence, many businesses cannot afford to outsource the development of their training content.

From one-off training content needs to maintaining data integrity, there are a number of other reasons (besides budget constraints) for businesses to retain the control of developing their training content.

In such cases, in house development is the only solution to a businesses’ custom training content needs and an authoring tool can provide a number of benefits in this matter.

However, a number of businesses are still apprehensive about adding such tools to their corporate training arsenal.

If you count yourself amongst these, consider the fact that you might be missing out on the following advantages offered by authoring software:

Ability To Create Professional Quality Training Content (mobile)

While it is perfectly possible to create training content in the form of a slideshow, such training content can hardly be considered high quality.

If you are spending precious man-hours and money in creating training content, it only makes sense that your employees are treated to a delightful training experience.

With an authoring tool, you will be able to create just that. With preloaded, customizable templates, authoring tools enable you to create professional-grade training content effortlessly. Moreover, you can create training content that is optimized for delivery across a range of devices, making the training content more accessible for your learners.

Authoring tools also allow you to create branded content which further enables you to create an immersive and engaging training experience for your learners.

Enables Adding Of Gamification Elements To Curriculum

Gamification elements are exactly what their name suggests. These are game-like elements that have been scientifically proven to improve learner engagement and in turn, the retention rate of the training material. Examples of gamification elements include point systems, levels, and achievement badged, among many others.

Adding these to your course interface and curriculum can be very tricky without the help of an authoring tool.

Makes Use Of Multimedia Convenient

Humans are visual creatures. Thanks to the leaps we have made in terms of handheld technology, we have become more accustomed to consuming visual content like videos and images more than ever before. In fact, the incredible success of visual platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest is a testament to the same.

Hence, it only makes sense that your training content is also presented to your learners in a format that they are used to consuming.

Adding multimedia to training content requires very little effort with an authoring tool. In other words, creating a delightful and immersive training experience becomes incredibly easier with the right eLearning authoring tool.


These were just a few of the many benefits and advantages offered by modern eLearning authoring software. Others include the reduced time of development of training content, reduced costs, easy updates of training content, and the ability to maximize the potential of your in-house learning and development teams.

Even if you don’t have an in house learning and development tool and possess no prior experience of developing training content, and eLearning authoring tool will enable you to produce high-quality content with little effort.

Hopefully, these benefits are enough to convince you to try out an authoring tool yourself. Don’t worry, you don’t have to dive headfirst. Many top authoring tools offer free trials of their product. Try one and experience these advantages yourself!