GameStop, the store that offers a huge catalog of games, consoles and consumer electronics, has announced an offer called “Pre-owned Next Generation Hardware Bundle” that includes a PlayStation 4, a Xbox One and a Nintendo Wii U consoles for an astonishing price of $568.98, which means each console would cost $190.

GameStop is offering customers an astonishing bundle to end the year: a PS4, a Wii U and a Xbox One for just $568.98. Credit:

“GameStop normally sells refurbished Xbox Ones for $290 and refurbished PS4 systems for $320. Refurbished Wii U consoles normally start at $260. Using those prices, it would cost you $870 to buy all three, meaning the bundle saves you around $300,” wrote the company in a statement.

It seems the offer GameStop is making would be a very great deal for gamers and for people who have not bought a last generation console yet.

The offer would also be excellent for parents who have kids of different ages and that have different tastes, since each console is dedicated to a different segment of the market. The PS4 has integration with Sony products and has a very secure online network platform, the Xbox One has integration with all Microsoft products including smartphones and computers. The Nintendo Wii U differentiates itself for its catalog of dedicated games developed by the Japanese company, such as Mario Kart, which has been a worldwide success.

The package that GameStop is offering online will include a 500 GB PS4, a black 32GB Nintendo Wii U, and possibly a 500GB Xbox one. However, the three consoles are refurbished, which means they are pre-owned. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they would function in a different way. The gadgets are equipped with all the necessary cables and one controller for each of them.

To enjoy the $568.98 deal users will need to use the code SAVER at the checkout and the bundle will be shipped to the written address for free. To offer security to its customers, GameStop will refund the money if a console has a flaw in the first 7 days after the products are shipped.

It was said that it is not clear when the offer might end, so GameStop invited customers to act quickly if they wanted the products. Also they added they will be publishing new deals across the day.

Consoles and video games in 2015

PlayStation 4, known as the PS4, became the fastest-selling home console of recent times, beating the PlayStation 2, which was the console that sold more units in the world over its 12 years of life. Sony declared they had just witnessed the most successful Black Friday in the company’s history. In the second quarter ending September 30, PlayStation sold 29.3 million units.

Recently, PS confirmed on Twitter they were working on an official remote play application for PC and Mac that would allow users play their favorite games in their powerful computers. Xbox has already a similar app that works on Windows 10.

On the other hand, Nintendo announced in July they had sold 10 million units of the Nintendo Wii U, since it was launched in 2013. The company had estimated they would sell 9 million units just in 2013 but the number was reached in 2015. Microsoft has not specified how many consoles they have sold, but sources seem to suggest they had sold around 1.4 million Xbox consoles in the second quarter of the year, which would be a very good number.

According to Metacritic, the best console video games of the year are Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, a game that made $179 million in just 24 hours; Journey; and Bloodborne and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which are all available in the GameStop store.

Source: GameSpot