Hillary Clinton, the virtual nominee of the Democratic Party, spoke in New York after she won the presidential primary and everyone talked about her intervention, not only because of what she said but because of what she wore. Some people noticed that the candidate was wearing an Armani jacket, that costs about $12,000. Although, the price dropped to $7,500 after the media covered the situation.

The piece is a day coat part of the 2016 collection of the couture brand, and it was part of the reinvention of Clinton’s look. The candidate allegedly hired a crew of image consultants. But wearing a high fashion coat created some tension around Clinton since, according to some critics, she sent mixed messages while talking about equality.

Hillary Clinton wore a $12,495 Armani jacket during a speech about inequality. Credit: Reddit

The speech and the response

People in social media posted thousands of comments about the hypocrisy and lack of morals evidenced in the statement. Clinton talked about social inequality, pointing out levels of poverty and income disharmony to put on the table her projects to create jobs and guarantee retirement benefits. The language aimed to ordinary women, what caused indignation among the audience. She explained her plans to remove economic and social barriers for Americans.

Clinton experienced drastic changes in the matters of style since she was first lady, Senator, and Secretary of State.

Personal aesthetics is quite relevant in politics. Several studies have found that appearance in a political candidate is very related to his or her chances to win since people connect to a candidate considering not only the ideas they share on the proposals and plans they want to execute, but they connect with the way the particular candidate looks.

Clinton has upgraded her closet and with the help of her new image consultants, the candidate works with new designers as well. Apparently, the goal of the image consultants’ team is to make Clinton more reliable and more adequate to the regular citizen, although she must look severe and formal.

Donald Trump, the virtual nominee in the Republican Party, also spent a considerable amount of money in his image. Some critics said that he frequently wears Brioni suits, which can go up to $7,000.

It is unknown yet whether the candidate paid the jacket herself because Armani did not share any publicity or promotions around the event. Clinton has been spotted in retail stores, so it is entirely possible that she goes shopping on a regular basis to high-fashion stores and not calling designers directly like Michelle Obama does.

Source: Fox News