An Australian woman saved her daughter’s life by uttering: “Hey, Siri. Call an ambulance”. The incident occurred in March, but it has gone on the air once the woman contacted Apple to thank for its useful voice function.

Stacey Gleeson used her iPhone 6’s Hey Siri service to call for an ambulance when her 1-year-old daughter stopped breathing.  Siri placed the call, and she could contact emergency services while she was performing CPR on her baby daughter, Giana.

Apple’s smart assistant used to call an ambulance when baby stopped breathing and turned blue. Credit: Daily Mail UK

It was one evening in March when everything happened. Gleeson realized her daughter was not breathing, the woman ran to the child’s room, picked her up and sat down with her on the floor. While checking the baby girl’s airways, Gleeson thought about calling an ambulance, but when trying to turn on the light to dial emergency services, the phone dropped.

Giana needed help, and her mother had no time to retrieve the device. Instead, she shouted at the handset activating voice function, Siri. With the words “Hey, Siri”, Gleeson activated the personal assistant feature, and said: “Call an ambulance.” Siri immediately directed the call, and Gleeson could speak on speakerphone while she was resuscitating her daughter.

The woman from Cairns affirmed that during her panic moment she could not think of nothing else but helping her daughter. Before she could realize Giana had recovered her breathing, she was notified that the ambulance was on its way to her domicile: “Before I knew it the ambulance was on its way, and Giana was breathing again,” she said.

Once the ambulance had arrived at the Gleeson’s home, Giana received medical assistance, and the baby girl made a full recovery.

The mom believes that Hey Siri function helped her to save her daughter’s life. According to her, the fact that being able to make the call without stopping CPR on her daughter has made a difference.

Now, Gleeson says that she has realized the importance of phone’s voice function in our daily life: “I had played around with Siri, I thought it was a fun feature. Now I have that feature turned on all the time, and it will never be turned off again”, said Gleeson.

Apparently, Hey Siri function is so more used in cars and homes than in front of others. It seems like people feel embarrassed using it in public.  However, the personal assistant service might be helpful when it comes to an emergency.

Apple’s Panic mode

Considering that it is not the first time Apple finds out one of its services have been accredited as “life-saver,” the company has been working on a panic mode feature for iPhones. The patent has been designed to help owners when they are in danger or if any situation makes them feel threatened.

Source: SMH