Chris Hemsworth returned to host Saturday Night Live after his debut on the show back in March. Fun ensued as the Hollywood star dressed in drag for one of the sketches during his appearance last night.

The actor had already made audiences laugh when he first stepped into SNL with his sketch of parody American Express ad, where he dramatically narrated how hard it was for him to make it as a Hollywood star, given that he was ‘too tall, too blond, and his muscles were too big’ and he wandered for days before someone finally gave him an $8 million check to star in Thor.

Chris Hemsworth in his previous appearance on Saturday Night Live. Photo: SNL/NBC
Chris Hemsworth in his previous appearance on Saturday Night Live. Photo: SNL/NBC

He then did it again in a sketch where he was a spaceship crew member in love with his commander, who happened to be a chicken.

This time, the Australian star dressed in drag for a sketch in which the punchline were his own insecurities. The actor, starring as himself, wore a dress and a wig to infiltrate a group of women, hoping to find out if females still found him attractive. His cover was blown up when the women saw a message from Robert Downey Jr. on his phone while he went to the bathroom. Later, when the group commented about how Liam —his brother— was “the hottest Hemsworth”, the star dropped the wig and finally revealed himself.

“I guess I just wanted to see if girls still liked me. Everyone these days keeps talking about Chris Pratt, Ryan Gosling, and fricking Liam from The Hunger Games,” said Hemsworth during his comedic performance. Gosling also starred recently in a Saturday Night Live episode.

Hemsworth wore the same outfit he had worn on his debut to host the show and during his monologue. The actor did things like tickling other comedians, such as Bobby Moynihan, on the backstage. He also continued to prank crew members as he sprayed women with water as they were changing.

The musical performer to debut during the episode was Chance the Rapper, who had previously premiered his song “Angels” on The Late Show.

Between his first and last hosting of SNL, Hemsworth also worked on various Hollywood projects, such as the most noticeable Avengers: Age of Ultron, the thriller Blackhat, the more lighthearted comedy Vacation and his latest In The Heart Of The Sea, which premiered on December 3rd.

Source: Entertainment Weekly