Today is the day. Copa América Centenario comes to an end, and what a game will the fans witness at the MetLife Stadium. “La Roja” is going to face the “Albiceleste” in one of the most exciting games of the whole tournament. Each of these teams has what it takes to win the Coup, but only one of them has a player from another world.

Lionel Messi is one of the most successful soccer players in history, and he is pretty much still in his prime. As the most emblematic figure of the Barcelona Soccer Team, he has proven over and over again he is a force to deal with on the field. Even Zlatan acknowledged that while he was the “best soccer player in the world,” the Argentinian was from another planet. A lot of people say, though, that he is only good with the Spanish team because it has great members, and yet, Messi and the Argentinian selection have been unstoppable at the Copa América this year. According to ESPN sports reporters, if Messi played, Argentina would win. It would seem like it, but it is healthy to remember that the Albiceleste has not won this tournament in more than 20 years.

Copa America Centenario
Today the Copa America Centenario comes to an end. Credit:

Chile is going to test how effective teamwork is against unmeasurable talent

 Now, in La Roja, there are really good players such as Alexis Sánchez, who plays with the Arsenal, Arturo Vidal, who does the same for Bayern Munich, and Claudio Bravo, who plays for the Barcelona. All good renowned players, but none of them quite as skillful as the Argentinian ace. However, there are 22 players on the field, and in contrary to Argentina, La Roja won the Copa America 2015 which proves it has an incredibly good team.

While Chile has a good record in the annual tournament, the Albiceleste has never lost to La Roja. Nonetheless, Juan Antonio Piazzi’s strategy managed to keep the powerful Argentinian offensive at bay when they met in the first phase of the competition. In fact, Chile’s selection has been the only team in the tournament to pierce Sergio Romero’s defense.

Surprisingly the Argentinian “astro” is not the one leading the scorer chart. That honor goes to Eduardo Vargas, who has scored in 6 opportunities. He is quickly followed by Messi with five goals and Gonzalo Higuain with 4 goals. Even though Chile has somewhat of a secret weapon in Vargas, Piazzi’s likely to rely on a team strategy to control the Argentinian superstars. The United States relied on its front man, Clint Dempsey, but not even he could stop the Albiceleste from obliterating the local’s soccer team 4-0.

Both teams have already arrived the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, and the fans can’t wait to see the game. Messi’s birthday was days ago, so the man should be fresh, and his teammates probably want to give him the coup as a present. At 8:00 p.m., Chile will face Argentina to retain its crown, and the Albiceleste is going to look for its first Copa América since 1993. Also, the game is probably going to determine who the best scorer of the tournament is.

Source: Mirror UK