The 100th anniversary of Copa América always surprises all soccer fans around the world, especially when the quarterfinal teams were defined.

Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, The United States and the two giant-slayers Peru, and Venezuela earned the right to play in the second phase of one of the most important soccer events in this part of the world. They all have shown what they are made of, but Messi’s Argentina is still the number one favorite to win the tournament.

Both the captain for Colombia's team James Rodriguez and Argentina's captain Lionel Messi meet center field before the game. Amazingly, both wear the number 10 and play almost the same position, accordingly. Image Credit: GOAL
Both the captain for Colombia’s team James Rodriguez and Argentina’s captain Lionel Messi meet center field before the game. Amazingly, both wear the number 10 and play almost the same position. Image Credit: GOAL

When an event of a magnitude that of the Copa América comes, it is normal that fans start making predictions, and even though they want their teams to win, there will always be favorites. In the beginning, all the soccer experts highlighted that if Messi played in the competition, Argentina would win the event. Martino’s team honored those words in the first phase of the tournament by easily dominating every single opponent they faced being the only team moving to quarterfinals with 9 points.

However, the experts at ESPN said that without Messi, Brazil was their top favorite with 24% chances followed by Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile. But not even the most experienced sports commentator in the world could have predicted that Peru with 1% chances of winning the cup would eliminate La Canarinha.

Venezuela also broke the statistics by removing Uruguay, which was one of the strongest teams in the tournament. It is important to say that Luis Suarez didn’t play, but that does not diminish the merit of the Venezuelan victory. La Vinotinto has the chance to slay yet another giant in the same arena that saw the Peruvians defeat the Auriverde, at the Gillette Stadium.

Argentina scored ten goals, and only Chile could break its defense 

The first game is in less than 24 hours at the CenturyLink Field where USA’s Dempsey (two goals) will try to snatch the number one spot of the top scorers in the tournament from Messi (three goals). However, Ecuador is better positioned at FIFA’s rank which means nothing is decided. The two teams have seen each other on the field three times; both have a victory and a draw. Tomorrow’s winner will the lead.

Even though Colombia lost one of its games, it was an initial classifier and the team is just too solid. The Peruvian selection will try to repeat the feat and move into the semi-finals at the MetLife Stadium on Friday.

La Vinotinto has faced Argentina 5 times, and the best they have got against this monster is one draw and four defeats. Everyone is expecting Messi and his team to obliterate the Venezuelan selection, but their countrymen are hoping for a miracle against all the odds. They meet at the Gillette Stadium next Saturday.

The last quarterfinals game promises an all-out spectacle worthy of the Copa América Centenario. Mexico and Chile have met on the field seven times with three draws, and a victory for the Aztecs. Both teams are healthy and motivated, and the audience at the Levi’s Stadium will witness the best game of the elimination round.

Source: Copa America 2016