Chile and Colombia met at the Soldier Field Stadium yesterday to decide who was going to face the apparently unstoppable force that Argentina has been displaying in the tournament finals. The game had to struggle even with Mother Nature to get to a conclusion, but nevertheless, many fans consider it was one of the best of the whole competition.

Chile showed why it managed to be in the semi-finals with a beautiful play-style without losing the coordination of a professional team. The squad led by Juan Antonio Pizzi employed a counter-attack strategy as effective as it heavily depends on how well the players connect with each other.

Rain delayed the second half of Copa America’s latter semifinal for two hours, but that didn’t slow down Chile, who defeated Colombia to return to the Copa America final. Credits: Getty Images/

The man of the match, Charles Aránguiz, was the one setting the example, always doing the right pass and always being in the correct place. In fact, a mistake made by Juan Cuadrado brought Chile its first goal at minute 6. In a much-contested ball in Colombia’s area, a center managed to reach the left pole, but Mr. Cuadrado was there to solve the situation.

However, he made a rookie mistake, by trying to pass the ball to the goalkeeper with a header. Aránguiz was perfectly positioned to intercept the ball scoring an easy goal. A lot of Colombian fans are angry with the midfielder because one of the basics of the defense is never to let the ball into the area, the main idea is to get it out there.

The Colombian defense had a couple of holes

The Colombians were trying to shake it off, but Chile would not let them. In less than 10 minutes, the Chileans had attacked Ospina’s arch three times, and at minute 11, Jose Pedro Fuendaliza capitalized a rebound to change the score 2–0 amplifying his team’s advantage.

Alexis Sanchez, who plays in England for the Arsenal, managed to win a long pass against a Colombian defender, and outplayed him to position himself and shoot at the arch, and Ospina tried to block it. Even though the ball passed the goalkeeper, it crashed on the left pole, yet again, a Chilean player was there to push the ball into the net.

A lightning storm made the referees stop the game for a long time, and they even told the press the second half of the match could be re-scheduled for the next day. That wasn’t necessary, but the long pause kills the Chileans momentum. The Colombians could have taken advantage of the situation, but Carlos Sanchez got his second yellow card of the game at minute 56 shooting his team in the leg.

All in all, Colombia’s eleven had a chance, and they displayed an impressive offensive, but it wasn’t strong enough. Maybe it was for good because bringing a weak defense against Argentina, a team that has been completely dominant, is the best way to lose horribly.

The AlbiCeleste has obliterated almost every opponent they have faced scoring a lot of goals with ease. In fact, they have won all their games several goals to zero except their match against Chile. Yes, the Chileans are the only ones in all the tournament that have managed to score against Argentina, and they are also the only selection that managed to keep the AlbiCeleste score from growing to three. The first time they played, the result was 2 – 1 favoring Messi’s team, but on Sunday, Chile has yet another chance of stopping the South American bulldozer and claiming the 100th Copa América for themselves.

The face each other at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford at eight sharp.

Source: Copa America Centenario