Big Brands Are Taking On New Roles to Support Ongoing Relief Efforts for the Healthcare Industry

CEO Stephen Odzer Provides Businesses With Effective PPE for Rapid COVID Relief

Nothing is more relevant in the global healthcare industry than the collective fight against COVID-19. In the face of the pandemic, Stephen Odzer, the CEO of, has worked overtime providing essential workers with effective PPE to help them fight the virus for rapid COVID-19 relief.

As the head of Lifeguard, Stephen Odzer led the charge in ensuring more sanitation and personal protection equipment was available for consumers and workers in the healthcare industry. With the onset of the global pandemic, his company worked overtime to provide frontline workers with essential PPE to protect them in their quest to save lives.

Redefining Brand Leadership in the Era of COVID-19

In his leadership role, Stephen Odzer ensured that PPE production was ramped up to help combat the fight against the coronavirus. This meant providing medical masks, alcohol wipes, and hand sanitizers, to make sure the PPE was immediately available for healthcare workers in the field. Additional medical masks were manufactured and distributed by Odzer’s company to help limit the spread of the disease.

When under pressure, healthcare professionals don’t always have time for a deep scrub. The alcohol wipes allow them to reliably sanitize surfaces, and hand sanitizers help keep their hands clean. That’s not all Stephen Odzer’s company distributes. He provides disposable gowns that create a protective barrier between healthcare workers and their patients.

Lifeguard and Stephen Odzer: Foundation Rooted in Serving the Healthcare Community

Stephen Odzer has been in the distribution business for over 30 years. Even before the onset of the pandemic, Odzer understood the importance of sanitation. His company, Lifeguard, had established agreements with CleanSmart Disinfectants (Y2X Life Sciences) and Bac-Track COVID-19 testing platforms (Bonafide Medical Group) to support the Virus Protection Program.

His foray into business started at an early age. At the age of 18, Odzer set up his first business, which he operated out of his parent’s garage. He was named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2000, in the area of distribution.

As the head of Lifeguard, Odzer ensures that all these critical products used in the fight against the virus are readily available worldwide. Through this intense effort, he has contributed to saving the lives of those most at risk.

Creating New Opportunities for At-Risk Segments of the Population is a Natural Fit for Stephen Odzer

Not only is Odzer committed to doing his part in fighting the global pandemic at home, but he is also a philanthropist. He’s a supporter of Bris Avrohom, a large charity that helps immigrants from Russia assimilate into the American way of life. He also set up the Stephen Odzer Scholarship Program as a way to give back to the community.

Stephen Odzer is an individual who believes in political activism. As a successful businessman, he never shied away from giving his opinion on matters he feels strongly about. He believes that being politically active is how social reforms come about. Odzer encourages the younger generation to educate themselves on global matters and keep themselves involved. He feels it is vital that young people cultivate an understanding of politics and how this shape lives.

Stephen Odzer is a Passionate Promoter of Jewish-Owned Businesses

If you wonder where his passion for helping others comes from, you can map this back to his Jewish roots. As a Jewish businessman, Stephen Odzer loves explaining the cultural significance of Israel. He explains that the Israeli people have endured many hardships over thousands of years. It is the tenacity of the Jewish people to persevere in the face of hardship that he feels contributed to his success as a businessman.

As a serial entrepreneur, he knows how hard it is to succeed in any field. Stephen Odzer never leaves you with the feeling that entrepreneurship is easy. As he explains, having the ability to contribute to the global fight against COVID-19 with his Lifeguard products has been one of his most significant accomplishments. Odzer, with all his successes, still has that drive to improve the lives of others genuinely.

Mobilizing Resources to Ensure Companies Have Necessary Resources for Sanitization

When the world realized that COVID-19 was fast becoming a global threat, Stephen Odzer quickly mobilized his personal and professional resources to join the fight and meet the demand for sanitation supplies.

Although Lifeguard’s sanitation products were already in the market, there were massive shortages as the virus rapidly spread. Odzer quickly set about ensuring that his medical-grade sanitizer was readily available through his extensive distribution network. It was imperative to get these products into the market due to their potency in fighting the virus.

The hand sanitizers are not only potent; they are vegan, sulfate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. He offered large containers of sanitizers, making it easier for healthcare workers to ensure ongoing supply and not risk running out of product. As an expert in the distribution of sanitation supplies, Odzer also worked with the local community to provide effective sanitation products to help businesses stay open and keep the community safe.

As an avid hockey supporter, Stephen Odzer would often travel from New York to Nevada to cheer on his favorite team. Mixing pleasure with business, he formed a strategic alliance with the Vegas Golden Knights. His company became the official supplier to the Vegas Golden Knights. They named their facility after his company — it’s known as the Lifeguard Arena in Hendersons.

Helping Others Encourages Community Engagement

When not indulging in watching hockey or running his sanitation distribution business, you will find Stephen Odzer supporting Jewish and non-Jewish causes. He’s involved with the Arab-Jewish business corporation. He’s also a huge supporter of agencies that help people with disabilities.

Odzer says: “When you help others, you also help yourself.” He believes that generosity is a huge component of being an enlightened person. He is grateful for being in an industry whereby he can contribute to saving lives, helping others who are struggling, and enabling them to move forward.

He has learned firsthand that generosity reduces the effects of stress. It gives people a sense of purpose and is vital to health and happiness. It is this mindset that makes Stephen Odzer an extraordinary man. He says: “Generosity is not just about giving money. It’s also about giving your time and energy to causes you believe in.”

Creating a Generous Society Starts With Personal and Brand Leadership

One of the causes Stephen Odzer believes in is to invest in our youth. He wants to see students in college pursue their passions as well as develop valuable workforce skills. Thanks to the Odzer Scholarship Fund, 20 U.S. college students receive $1,000 to contribute to the degree program of their choice. To apply, students must submit a 500-word essay on the biggest problem facing the world today.

To create a just and generous society, Odzer is an inspiration when it comes to looking outside yourself and contributing to the needs of others. Whether that’s providing essential services in business, giving back to society with time and money, or building political awareness in the younger generation, he is a man of our time.