Dallas – On Friday two Oakland County members have been diagnosed with West Nile Virus (WNV). the Oakland County Health Division officers reported on friday. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services was in charge of testing both confirmed cases this year.

None of the institutions have revealed any detailed information about the affected individuals. “It is not appropriate to release ages or locations because people make assumptions and they are ultimately fearful of that specific location.” said Kathy Forzley, manager and health officer of the Oakland County Health Division. “Others will have a false sense of security about other locations. But the truth is that the affected person could’ve been anywhere when they were affected – none of us will ever know.”

According to the Monroe County Health Department, most people who become infected with West Nile Virus do not develop any symptoms. Credit: Monroe News.

West Nile Virus

This virus is most commonly transmitted by the bite of a mosquito, which has to be specifically infected with WNV. About 1 in 5 individuals who are unfortunately bitten by the wrong mosquito will develop symptoms such as fever with some other manifestations.

However, only 1 percent of the infected population bring out some serious, fatal and neurologic illness with inflammation and swelling of the brain that can lead to death. The virus can not be transmitted from person to person.

Take precautions

As the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) suggests, people can reduce the risk of being infected by using insect repellent and wearing proper clothing to prevent the mosquito bite. Currently there is no effective treatment or medication to avoid this infection, anyway most people infected will present no symptoms.

Forzley emphasized that despite most people do not present any symptoms “All residents are strongly urged to follow prevention tips to protect themselves from WNV, especially those who are 50 and older who are more susceptible to severe symptoms. Most people infected with WNV do not have any symptoms, but for those who don’t become sick, the disease can be serious, even fatal.”  

Also the health officer suggested that physicians from Oakland County should be aware of every patient in order to detect WNV symptoms such as fever, meningitis, encephalitis or sudden painless paralysis.

Source: The Oakland Press