The popular Canadian Primer Minister, Justin Trudeau, was embraced by Canadian citizens and the rest of the world when some pictures of him shirtless at the beach covered the web. He was photographed by accident when a couple getting married on a beach in Tofino, British Columbia, walked around where he was standing.

The image, originally on Saturday tweeted by the photographer, has been shared a considerable amount of times in different social networks. Is not clear when was the photo taken but the Primer Minister have been in the British Columbia in a short break for the last two weeks. The couple, originally from Vancouver, decided to celebrate the wedding ceremony at the beach and hired Marnie Recker as their only photographer, who did not expect to find the Primer Minister in the way of the photographs he was about to take.

Shirtless Canadian Prime Minister was spotted emerging from a cave and attending a wedding by accident. Image credit: FosterGem

This increases Justin Trudeau’s popularity

This kind of random events put Trudeau in the top of popularity, especially among political figures. Charisma has been a relevant factor when people think of authorities, and James Trudeau has a lot. He has been popular on the internet when addressing to delicate topics like climate change, diversity, and global terrorism due to the humor and cleverness he tends to use.

Trudeau is also a young authority, now 44 years old, took the office in November and ever since has been famous in Canada and the rest of America. He comes from a political family, his father, Pierre Trudeau, was prime minister between 1968 and 1984 and Justin followed his steps.

His also popular due to his unique style that put him in the rank of the World’s Tattooed Leaders. The prime minister has a tattoo on his left arm that also has been a topic in the public opinion. The image of a great Earth inside a raven has a symbolic meaning for the Trudeau family, so Justin decided to get the design as a permanent tattoo.

Justin was born in Ottawa and is the leader of the Liberal Party. He is married with Sophie Grégoire since 2005. He led his party to win the largest number of seats in the Congress in the history of the Liberal faction.

This is not the first time he is spotted shirtless

On July 26 another shirtless picture of Trudeau was on the web. A selfie someone from Peterborough took with the Prime Minister during his family vacation at Lusk Cave showed a Justin Trudeau without a shirt on.  The encounter was told by Jim, the kid in the picture, with excitement in a local Canadian blog.

A lot of humor around this encounter has also been present on the web. Some Canadian blogs and local media mocked about the comments made on the prime minister’s physique. A local reporter even called Trudeau a national treasure due to this appeal while being shirtless.

Source: The Guardian