Tradition has that the President of the United States sends a letter to the upcoming President-elect before assuming office. This time the tradition took a turn and Jenna and Barbara Bush wrote a letter addressed to Sasha and Malia Obama as a way of advice for dealing with life after the White House.

In the correspondence, Jenna and Barbara tell the Obama daughters to remember the good and bad times they had at the presidential residence, to take the lessons they received with them and to cultivate the relationships that flourished during their stay at the seat of state.

The twin daughters of President George W. Bush. Image Credit: AFP/Getty Images

They acknowledged the pleasure of being First Children and being always aware how their parents are criticized when in reality they, their children, are the ones who actually know how they behave in their most private circumstances.

From the Bushes to the Obamas

The letter was published in TIME magazine, where the Bush daughters remembered with bliss their own lives such as when they showed the Obama girls around when they first arrived at the White House.

“The four of us wandered the majestic halls of the house you had no choice but to move in to. When you slid down the banister of the solarium, just as we had done as 8-year-olds and again as 20-year-olds chasing our youth, your joy and laughter were contagious,” the letter reads.

Jenna and Barbara wrote how they felt identified, as they always had each other for support, just like Sasha and Malia do for each other, as both presidents faced tough times while in office. The Obamas will also have to build their own lives “beyond the shadow” of their parents, as they nourish the experiences that they had over the eight years living in the White House.

The Bush daughters remembered Nancy, the White House florist at the time, who helped make bouquets for Jenna’s wedding. They also addressed the Secret Service, who remained vigilant on first dates, engagements, and honeymoons.

“Explore your passions. Learn who you are. Make mistakes—you are allowed to. Continue to surround yourself with loyal friends who know you, adore you and will fiercely protect you. Those who judge you don’t love you, and their voices shouldn’t hold weight. Rather, it’s your own hearts that matter,” continued the letter addressed to Sasha and Malia.

Lastly, they acknowledged the pressure of living in the White House, being present when their parents appeared to be at a crisis, but always maintained composture and their feet on the ground. They reminded Sasha and Malia that their parents will always be there for them as they being the next chapter of their lives.

The Bush sisters also confessed being rooting for their success as they move on with their lives, being tied by such an important and uncommon link as it is being First Children, or rather, First Sisters for subsequent presidential terms.

Now, will the Obamas write a letter to the Trumps?

Source: TIME