According to sociologists, men most often visit plastic surgeons when they need rhinoplasty or blepharoplasty. On the contrary, women put on the first place surgeries on the breast (mammoplasty). The reason for this is that the female breast is subject to constant changes that affect its aesthetic appearance.

Breast Reconstruction in Turkey – Time to Feel Wanted

If you have long wanted to change your breasts, you can easily do it in Turkey. There are located some of the best clinics in the world because health tourism in Turkey is the strength of this country. Experienced surgeons can help you with the breast augmentation. You can easily find breast reconstruction surgery cost in Turkey and choose a suitable clinic for yourself. In addition, the cost of these types of operations in Turkey is cheaper than in European countries.

Why do women think about it?

If we talk about indications for mammoplasty, the main indication is the patient’s desire to improve the aesthetic appearance of her breasts. About 46% of women worldwide complain of breast asymmetry. Most women’s left breast is larger than the right one, and sometimes it is the other way around.

Some people are worried about congenital defects, breast hypertrophy, consequences of injuries, operations, burns, etc. The most widespread indication for the operation is a visual loss of elasticity, sagging breasts after giving birth to a child or due to age-related changes in the female body. After all, the shape of the breast is affected by many factors – regular changes in the hormone levels associated with the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, breastfeeding, significant gain or loss of weight. In order to return the lost volume, many women decide to undergo breast reconstruction.

Benefits of the operation

According to social research, the majority of men want to see a girl with a large breast size next to him. This desire is not only a man’s whim but also the result of evolution. The large breasts are signs of fertility and the ability to feed the child for a long time.

The advantages of the procedure include increased self-esteem, self-confidence and self-reliance, improvements in personal life and even career achievements. The beautiful breast shape is a matter of pride for a woman. It attracts the attention of the opposite sex and the envy of her friends, which greatly increases self-esteem and libido. When choosing a clinic for the operation, you should pay attention to Turkey. Due to the highly developed level of health tourism in Turkey, nowadays the country has the most modern equipment for operations of this type.

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What types of breast surgery exist?

There are several types of breast reshaping surgeries:

  • Mastopexy – a breast lift, which allows you to improve the shape and size of the breast by removing stretched and sagging skin, returning the areola and nipple to the correct position.
  • Augmentation – increasing breast size with silicone breast implants.
  • Breast replacement – breast reconstruction after mastectomy (restoration of a lost breast).
  • Reduction mammoplasty – breast reduction, performed, as a rule, simultaneously with a lift by liposuction or resection of excess glandular or adipose tissue.


Breast enlargement surgery should be done only after the age of 18 years. Endoprosthetics is not performed until this age since there is a possibility that tissue growth and the process of mammary gland formation are not complete yet. The patient should also know that the surgical intervention should not coincide in time with the beginning of the menstrual cycle since changes in the hormone levels increase the risk of postoperative bleeding and can negatively affect the final result both from aesthetic and medical sides.

It is not recommended to perform breast replacement in the following situations:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding (breast augmentation surgery can be performed in 6-12 months after the completion of lactation).
  • Autoimmune diseases.
  • Acute infectious diseases.
  • Uncontrolled bleedings (e.g., thrombophilia).
  • Oncological diseases.
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases (e.g., diabetes mellitus).

The flip side of the breast reconstruction

It would be a mistake to believe that after the operation a woman immediately returns to her usual life. The body needs time to adapt to implants. Before making a decision about breast augmentation surgery a woman should know that the rehabilitation period will be long and sometimes painful.

Uncomfortable peculiarities of the postoperative period of breast implant surgery include:

  • Pain syndrome.
  • Need to wear corrective underwear.
  • High prices in private clinics.
  • Taking antibiotics and other medicines.

Side effects also include restrictions in going in for sports and swimming. It is strongly not recommended to visit the sauna during the recovery time after surgical procedures.

Finally, any physical activity is prohibited during the first week after surgery. As for future birth and lactation, implants do not interfere with them. At the same time, it is not recommended to plan pregnancy within six months after the operation, since all this time the body will be in the recovery phase.

None of the clinics can give a lifetime guarantee of maintaining an aesthetic effect. After giving birth to a child the woman may need to visit a specialist again, regarding the correction of her breast shape.