Munich – The leading car manufacturer BMW will celebrate 100 years of the brand by showing the ultimate driving machine ever created. The concept car called BMW Vision Next was unveiled on Monday at the Olympic Stadium in Munich.

The unveiling of the concept car developed by BMW is focused on serving as a window for people to see how the next generation of car designing is going to be as it relates to the year 2116.

The advanced new self-driving concept car is designed to show how the car will evolve over the next 100 years of BMW’s existence. Credit: Auto Car

The Vision Next 100 presents a clear picture of future mobility according to the BMW’s chairman Harald Kruger, as it will combine the incorporation of more intelligent technology into the car’s mainframe and the enrichment of customers’ experience. As a result, privileged drivers of the Vision Next 100 are the supercar’s center of consideration.

The car unveiled by the German company giant will offer drivers two basic driving models. The Boost model will give drivers a more controlled handling of the car as a steering wheel will emerge from the dash, as well as including a laid-back position of the seats to maximize the driver’s margin view.

Credit: Auto Car

This driving mode will also have the center console more aligned with the driver’s seat in order to provide a range of significant information giving customers a full sense of awareness. Drivers will count with support from Companion, the car’s alert feature to prevent potential risks.

And considering that privileged owners of BMW cars are often fond of taking control, it will be no surprise is the Boost mode becomes a worldwide favorite. On the other hand, there’s the Ease mode, which is pretty much the opposite of the first one yet offers a breakthrough when it comes to customers’ comfort.

Credit: Auto Car

Impressively enough, the steering wheel retracts back to the dashboard as the car takes over the actual driving of the vehicle. Additionally in the Ease mode, the dashboard’s surface glows red if the car spots a pedestrian or any obstacle.

While the drivers’ seat adjusts parallel to the door panel, the center console leans away from the seat and lets drivers have a report about the car and the road in a heads-up display. This feature not only represents a step forward in driving machines due to the car’s capacity to ‘drive itself’, but also combines that ability with a luxurious and safe way of traveling.

Emissions-free & ‘4D’ printed

Although the full technical details haven’t been released as of now, BMW’s spokesman Cypselus von Frankenberg said the concept is entirely emissions-free, according to a publishing on the Verge.

Credit: Auto Car

This would undoubtedly change the way car’s are designed and manufactured as it offers a smarter and cleaner way to travel. Offering users with a masterpiece in engineering as well as technology focused on augmenting reality for the user’s optimal experience, the carmaker giant has ensured it will innovate the car manufacturing industry.

In addition, the carmaker company intends to manufacture far more complex cars, according to a report from Digital Trends. For this task, BMW would use a process called 4D printing in which ‘functionality’ plays the role of the fourth dimension. Amazingly for the company’s 100-year celebration, BMW has allowed drivers to see only a glimpse of what’s coming next from the German carmaker company.

Source: The Verge