On Saturday, a fast-moving blaze damaged several hills at the northwest of downtown Los Angeles. Authorities urged three neighborhoods to evacuate the area.

In Calabasas, the brush fire laid waste to hills at the northwest of downtown Los Angeles. It damaged homes and forced hundred of people to leave their places.

Firefighters watching as fire continues to burn in the foothills outside of Calabasas, Calif.
Firefighters watching as a fire continues to burn in the foothills outside of Calabasas, Calif. on Saturday, June 4, 2016. Image Credit: Fox News

The Old Fire, as it has been named, was one of several that flared up in Calabasas and West Hills on Saturday afternoon. Even if the West Hills blaze extinguished very quickly, the fire in Calabasas combined to set fire to at least 200 acres in a short period.

Referring to the blaze, fire captain Keith Mora said that there are about 3,000 threatened homes near to the 200-acre blaze, prompting the evacuation of the area.

Mora stated that there were about 200 homes and 500 residents under mandatory evacuation. Others have been strongly urged to leave the area due to 50-foot-high flames burned trees and million-dollar mansions.

Thousands of dollars worth of damages registered so far at Calabasas, California

According to Captain Mora, there were some damages recorded on several homes and buildings. However, more information on the damages caused by the structures was not provided by authorities.

Three neighborhoods all together were ordered to evacuate. At Agoura High School, a Red Cross evacuation center was set to receive those who were requested to move from areas at risk. About 5,000 people will spend one night or two at the shelter, depending on how much time it takes to firefighters and local authorities to control the blaze.

Mora likewise suggests those who were not urged to evacuate to do as well, to avoid possible traffic crash if they have to be relocated later. Capitán said that the blaze has spread that quickly in simultaneous directions that it has been sometimes difficult to avoid the unexpected ranges it has reached. He adds that it might result impossible to get everybody in case it becomes necessary.

It seems like a car hit a pole and brought down power lines, causing then the start of the blaze. On scene, there are about 200 firefighters working with bulldozers and water-dropping helicopters facing the flame, while it is possible to visualize the white smoke for miles.

Authorities hope the threat fire decrease as night falls and cool weather refresh the environment.

Source: OC Register