In a post published today on the official Nest blog, Tony Fadell has announced his way out from Nest, said a report from CS Monitor. Fadell will keep working as Alphabet’s advisor, and it is Marwan Fawaz the one who will be leading the smart home device maker.

Nest is a company dedicated to the development of high-technology thermostats, smoke detectors, and other security systems. Fadell had been Nest’s CEO since its launch in 2011, and now he will be playing the advisor’s role at Alphabet, the company subsidiary of Nest.

Fun Fact: Matt Rogers and Tony Fadell were both Apple engineers before they founded Nest Labs
Fun Fact: Matt Rogers and Tony Fadell were both Apple engineers before they founded Nest Labs. Image Credit: Bloomberg

Two years after Google acquired Nest in 2014, Fadell has written that “the time is right to “leave the Nest.” Fadell will continue working for Alphabet as an advisor. However, he considers that his renouncement will give him time and flexibility while working on new projects, but also while helping others to pursue opportunities just the way he did when he created his company.

Fadell also writes about how occurred this transitional period related to his CEO role in Nest. According to him, he began considering his exit from the company since last year. As the new Alphabet’s advisor, he hopes to have greater chances, concerned with time and adaptability, to “create and disrupt other industries.”

A rightful successor for Fadell as CEO of NEST

Marwan Fawaz will continue Fadell’s steps in Nest as the head of the company in charge of making smart-electrical appliances. Fadell’s successor was formerly vice president of Motorola Mobility, and he was also Motorola’s Home CEO. Meaning that Fadell’s candidate does not just have high technology and engineering knowledge, he also has extensive experience in executive positions, characteristics Fadell considers are proper while managing and keeping Nest projects.

I’m pleased to announce that Marwan Fawaz is joining Nest as the company’s new CEO. Marwan’s high technology and engineering knowledge, his experience with global service providers, as well as his background in connected home platforms will be valuable in continuing our trajectory, especially in scaling the business, working with our partners, and supporting our enterprise channels. I have no doubt that the company will continue to flourish under his guidance and can’t wait to see the innovations currently in development brought to market”.

With Tony Fadell stepping down from the head of NEST, Marwan Fawaz is taking over as the company's CEO
Almost to the end of his post, Fadell expresses his gratitude to those who stood by his side those days when Nest was still wet behind the ears: Matt Rogers (Nest co-founder), Larry Page (Alphabet’s CEO) earliest investors, advisors and Google. Image Credit: The Guardian

Fadell also shows his gratitude to all “Nesters”, workers who have helped achieve his company’s objective, as well as to partners, and developers, whose dedication, hard work and passion for Nest’s mission was a key factor in the success the company has had up to present.

Fadell finishes his writing expressing thanks for each customer. He remarks that Nest would be far away from its initial goal without their trust and vote of confidence: simplifying everyone’s daily life with high-technologies home products.

Source: NEST