Black Insomnia, a South African coffee company, has gained recognition for selling the world’s strongest coffee, also called “Black Insomnia.”

A 12-oz cup of Black Insomnia contains 702 milligrams of caffeine, surpassing Death Wish, which was the world’s strongest coffee to date. Compared to a regular drink, taking a cup of Black Insomnia can be equal to drinking four cups or brewed coffee or ten 1-ounce Espresso cups. A can of Red Bull, for example, has ten times less caffeine than a cup of Black Insomnia.

Black Insomnia Coffee, Death Wish, Caffeine
Black Insomnia products are now available in the U.S. Image credit: Black Insomnia.

Black Insomnia is a coffee for hardcore drinkers

According to the FDA, the caffeine intake limit should be around 400 milligrams per day. Going over the limit usually comes with side effects, such as the jitters, headaches, and stomach pains. Drinking too much coffee can be dangerous, as there have been cases where a coffee overdose resulted in the death of the patient.

Furthermore, caffeine is addictive, which leads to dependency and withdrawal when the person does not take its regular dose. Many people feel like they cannot accomplish anything without drinking their morning cup of coffee. Although it is a common saying, it shows how someone depends on a substance to maintain its way of life.

Black Insomnia Coffee, Death Wish, Caffeine
A pack of Death Wish coffee. Image credit: Consumer Reports.

Despite this, caffeine keeps us from falling asleep and getting work done, which is why companies fight to try claiming the crown for producing the world’s strongest coffee.

Black Insomnia is now in the spotlight thanks to Food & Wine’s Mike Pomranz. He writes that Black Insomnia was tested by scientists in Switzerland, alongside other coffees that have been labeled with the “world’s strongest” mark. The result had Black Insomnia as the winner.

The company assures customers that its coffee has only caffeine, being the product of highly caffeinated Robusta beans, which sacrifice flavor for a higher level of caffeine. Flavor specialists at Black Insomnia tried to ensure that the coffee did not feel acidic or burning, tasting like walnut and “almost sweet.”

The coffee was designed by Dr. G, a world-famous Barista. Black Insomnia claims that their coffee was the first attempt at making the world’s strongest coffee, a title they claim as their own as they also point out that South Africa is the coffee capital of the world.

“So here’s the thing, don’t come crying to us if you can’t handle the kick. Our beans may taste great, they may be smooth, “with the flavours of nuts and caramel,” but if you can’t handle they kick, it may just not be for you. But for those who can, we are happy to be here for you,” the company claims on their website.

The FDA has already issued warnings about caffeine intake, taking into account the great deal of caffeinated drinks and products in the market. An extreme case was that of a 14-year-old girl, who drank two heavily caffeinated drinks within 24 hours. She suffered from cardiac arrest and died shortly without warning.

According to Pomranz, a 16-ounce bag of Black Insomnia can be bought on Amazon by $19.99, although it is not in stock at the time of this article being written.

Source: Food & Wine