CBS comedy, The Big Bang Theory, will finally introduce Penny’s relatives during season 10. The show just cast Katey Sagal and Jack McBrayer to play Peny’s mother and brother, according to the sitcom’s executive producer.

During nine seasons, The Big Bang Theory’s character, Penny, has been referring to her family in a bunch of opportunities.  All we know so far is that her mom is pretty obstinate, and her brother is a drug dealer misbehavior boy who has had troubles with police.

The 10th season of the famous series, The Big Bang Theory, will finally bring Penny's mom and brother to the show. Photo credit:
The 10th season of the famous series, The Big Bang Theory, will finally bring Penny’s mom and brother to the show. Photo credit:

During The Big Bang Theory season 10, fans are finally going to meet Penny’s mother and brother with the performance of Sons of Anarchy and Married with Children alum Katey Sagal. Penny’s brother will be played by 30 Rock alum, Jack McBrayer.

The show’s executive producer Steve Molaro announced on Friday at Comic-Con panel that the new characters, “Susan” and “Randal” will be introduced during the very first episode of season 10.

So far, all we know about Penny’s family has been revealed by the character itself. The only member of her family that has been presented on screen has been her father, Wyatt. Penny’s father has been played by Keith Carradine during a couple of episodes of season four and nine respectively.

Molaro has revealed another detail concerned with Cuoco’s character. In the show, Penny’s character has shown some evolution during the nine seasons. She started being a broke waitress whose golden dream was to become a Hollywood star. In season 9, Penny expressed her unhappiness about her current job, even if she has now no money problems at all. Molaro said that in season 10 Penny would decide about her future.

“We’re still figuring things out; I think she’s in an interesting and relatable place. She’s going to start to weigh her options,” Molaro said.

The show’s executive producer also spoke about rumors of a possible end for the comedy during season 10.

 The Big Bang Theory might come to an end

On May 2016, The Big Bang Theory wrapped its ninth season and after the final episode, some stars of its cast and its showrunner have addressed the possibility that the CBS comedy might come to an end after season 10.

When asked whether the show may be soon over, Molaro was subtly evasive, stating that right now it is too early to think about an ending.

“I’m not going to tell you. There’s been a few thoughts that have floated around but nothing concrete. We don’t really know how long the show is going to go on for. It’s a little early to be thinking about an end point,” said Molaro.

However, it seems like May was an appropriate time to think about a sooner end point for the show when he told The Hollywood Reporter that the reality is that maybe season 10 is the ending point for the television’s highest-rated comedy. In that opportunity, Molaro added that all he did knew was he put his best for each episode.

With such statements, all the show’s viewers can do is to wait to see how The Big Bang Theory will develop in its tenth season.

The introduction of new characters in the sitcom marks a reunion for Kaley Cuoco and Katey Sagal, who formerly starred in the series 8 Simple Rules.

Kaley Cuoco & Katey Sagal reunion

It was in 2002 when Cuoco and Sagal worked together for the very first time. Katey formerly played Kaley’s mother when they both starred on ABC comedy 8 Simple Rules.

When talking about Sagal’s casting, Molaro declared he phoned the actress to discuss the possibility of acting the role of Penny’s mother in The Big Bang Theory. Molaro carried on saying the actress answered she was always ready to play Kaley’s mom.

Sagal and Cuoco played as mother and daughter for more than 75 episodes in the ABC tv series, 8 Simple Rules.

“8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter” (also known as “8 Simple Rules”) is an American sitcom produced by ABC. The comedy debuted on September 17, 2002, and its final season was on April 15, 2005. It was originally starring John Ritter and Katey Sagal. Kaley Cuoco was a co-star in the show.

Katey Sagal portrayed Cate S. Hennessy, a wife, mother and nurse and the most self-centered character in her family. Her onscreen daughter was Bridget Erin “Beach” Hennessy, played by Kaley Cuoco, a typical beautiful blonde girl. Cuoco plays a popular bombshell who is constantly concerned about her look, outfits, and teenage boys. When Bridget’s father dies, she starts eventually to grow up and mature in the show.

The book “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter: And other tips from a beleaguered father (not that any of them work)” by W. Bruce Cameron inspired the comedy’s plot and title.

In the night of September 11th, 2003, the comedy lost one of its main characters and foundations. The show was running its second season when Ritter reportedly suffered an undiagnosed aortic dissection. During a show’s rehearsal, Ritter reported discomfort, and he was brought to a nearby hospital, where he suddenly died that night following a misdiagnosis of a heart attack.

When Ritter’s death occurred, the second season had run only three episodes. ABC announced that the show’s second season would continue after a hiatus for its main character’s death. Two months later, 8 Simple Rules was back again on screen with a one-hour episode including Ritter’s death, titled “Goodbye.”

On May 17, 2005, ABC canceled the series due to low ratings. It seems like Ritter’s death during the third season lead to low ratings of the show.

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