There is a dramatic increase in the practice of beekeeping throughout the United States, as the bee population has been dropping significantly since 2006.

Researchers haven’t been able to establish a specific factor to blame for the decline of worker bees in colonies, but it is registered that each winter in the state of Virginia comprises a loss of 35 percent of all bee hives and the percentage keeps rising after each year.

Beekeeping course

Virginia Cooperative Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources agent Tracy Porter argued that it is impossible for agriculture to develop without pollination. He has been working with beekeeper Bob Lavoie towards promoting beekeeping classes to start new hives; although there are several people and companies interested in helping those with an interest in beekeeping.

Bob Lavoie has a strong belief in the fact that people need to get involved in the task of raising bees. Currently, he sells colony nuclei to other beekeepers so they can raise their own bee farm. These are working colonies that cost around $200. He also dictates beekeeping classes at his Golden Days Farm, at 1915 King William Road in Virginia. The state of Virginia will provide equipment to the first applicants, and the class is to begin at May 6, at 9 a.m. Tracy Porter can be reached through or by calling 804-219-7014.

Jim Coss is another beekeeper working toward providing a new generation of beekeepers with the necessary tools for the job. Coss is the owner of The Honey and Bee Connection, one of the most important beekeeping suppliers with customers from Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana. He comments that the first thing new beekeepers should do is study or join a beekeeping association. Jim Coss can be reached through The Kentucky State Beekeepers Association can be reached through

The Pigeon Mountain Trading Company lies in LaFayette, in the state of Georgia. It is a centennial store dedicated to beekeeping, offering both equipment and expert advice. It is one of the most important beekeeping companies in the United States as they offer top-quality products for the task. Their website is and their email is

Profits in beekeeping

Although beekeeping immensely helps local agriculture, it is able to become a viable business as raw honey is a very sought-after product. Honey coming from beekeeping farms is much tastier and nutritious than processed honey. Bob Lavoie reportedly managed to sell 360 pounds of honey in a two month period. This year, he expects to produce and sell at least 1,000 pounds of rich bee farm honey.

Source: Daily Press