Arvada, Colorado  – Thanks to an agile intervention from a store clerk worker, a baby was saved from his mother’s arms as she started having a seizure. Rebecca Montano, the store clerk worker that saved the baby from falling onto the floor and possibly hurting the infant badly, claimed she acted due to her maternal instinct.

Mrs. Montano was working at the convenience store from Arvada, Colorado, when an irregular customer walked in with a baby. The young mother had the store clerk alert as Mrs. Montano already know the familiar faces that normally stop by the convenience store either to grab something to eat or pay for gas.

Still image of the video that showed how Rebecca Montano saved an infant while the mother was having a seizure. Credit: 9 News

She says she could sense something was wrong with the woman from the moment she was at the counter. Luckily for the woman and her baby, Mrs. Montano was able to grab the baby just seconds before the woman collapsed and started having a seizure. After getting the baby safe and helping the woman not to injure herself while having the seizure, Montano called 911 and paramedics arrived on the scene.

Thanks to the agility and motherly instinct of Montano, the woman and her baby are fine and healthy. Although Mrs. Montano is being called a heroin for what she did, she begs to differ as she claims anyone would’ve done the same in her position.

In a report for CNN, she tells the story with tears in her eyes as she can recall accurately how terrible the scene was for her, and another customer who witnessed the event and helped the woman as well.

She says she is just an average person who did a good thing, but Montano keeps receiving many happy returns for her endeavor to help a customer in need. During the video reporting the events occurred in an Arvada, Colorado convenience store, Montano is told that people like her make the world a better place.

Source: East Idaho News