The company GoGo squeeZ has announced a recalling on a popular applesauce after discovering food residue while an inspection by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) was being held. The baby food company is collaborating with the MDARD in the investigation.

Michel Larroche Founder and CEO of the company GoGo squeeZ announced through the company’s website and social media, the recalling of applesauce pouches after finding food product residue in two product-making pumps while being regularly inspected in one of the company factories in Michigan.

Consumers who have purchased GoGo squeeZ® applesauce pouches with Best Before Dates between 12/4/15 and 3/4/17 can request a replacement voucher. Credit: GoGo squeeZ

The production of the applesauce has been suspended while the company works with MDARD officials in continuing their investigation. Larroche also stated that the company will be working with MDARD experts to avoid this type of accidents from happening again.  But this is not the company’s first recall, last year the applesauce was recalled after finding mold in one of the products.

“ I deeply regret that I must let you know we are voluntarily recalling specific applesauce pouches that may not meet our quality standards,” said the CEO in an statement from the company.

He assured that no illnesses are connected to the issue and that the residue was not found on the product, but in the pump that helps it. The only possible affected products are the batch  with Best Before Dates between April 2015 and April 2017, and it excludes all other products made by the company.

The Company also offered call centers for clients, product replacement vouchers, instructions on the identification of possibly affected products and lists of frequently asked questions. Michel Larroche also assured his commitment and Bill Graham, president of the company’s, commitment to the revision and change making to deliver safe food to families.

Source: GoGo squeeZ