Rob Kardashian and his new girlfriend, Blac Chyna, are going through a difficult time. The cause? Apparently, Rob’s family still does not approve the relationship. There have been several rumors about them breaking up, but Rob confirmed that “they are still going strong” on Instagram this Monday.

An insider leaked information about the conflict. He said that the Kardashians still don’t accept the relationship. This creates a huge tension on them since Rob is forced to choose between his family and his new girlfriend.

In addition to getting back into shape after receiving his diabetes diagnosis, the reclusive Keeping Up With the Kardashian star also seems to have found a new romance. Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images/E! online

Families can be difficult to handle, especially when they are big and famous. Rob has to establish common ground for his family and girlfriend to get along before the problem grows out of proportion. He told his followers on Instagram that he and Chyna needed more privacy in order to solve things.

“Chy and I are not broken up we just feel like it would be a lot healthier for our relationship if we kept a lot more to ourselves. It’s impossible to have a positive relationship with so much negativity from the media and outsiders and we would appreciate it if everyone respects that -ChyRo” read the post on Instagram.

The ex – reality start, aged 28, went through his own difficult times dealing with depression and 100 weight gain. Since he started his new relationship, he has been focused on his health. Some friends say that Chyna has been there for him helping him to change his eating habits and improving his health. Rob was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 and he didn’t care about it until he met Chyna.

Kris Jenner is leading the attack on the relationship. She told Rob that if he wanted the support of the family, he had to break up with Blac. Rob then erased every trace of his relationship with Chyna. They are not split, though. The couple is supposedly playing by Kris Jenner’s rules until things calm down.

But Kris is not the only one that does not approve his new girlfriend. Rob’s sisters have hated the woman since Tyga started dating Kylie Jenner. He has a son with Blac Chyna from a past relationship and he warned Rob that he would hate to see Chyna trapping another man for his fortune.

The pressure a family can put on a relationship is no joke and if the couple does not earn the Kardashians’ approval, they might be forced to split up.

Source: Examiner