With the world advancing further into what is commonly referred to as the “digital age,” technology has evolved from once a luxury to a necessity. To help students learn important virtual skills, educators all over the world have begun to incorporate technology into their classrooms.

Austin Alexander Burridge of Rosemount, IL Shares 5 Benefits of Using Technology in Education

Despite the universal demand for digital skills in the modern age, many parents and teachers are not yet aware of the many benefits technology offers students.

Aspiring technologist of Rosemount, Austin Alexander Burridge, is not only an overall tech enthusiast but is a passionate advocate for technology and the benefits it can provide the American education system.

These advantages include keeping students engaged, encouraging teamwork, making learning more accessible, benefiting teachers, and promoting individual learning.

Below, Austin Alexander Burridge of Rosemount provides a high-level review of five benefits of incorporating technology in education:

1. Keeps Students Engaged in Work

One of the biggest struggles in the classroom is keeping students engaged in the work presented. That’s where technology can help.

The bright, colorful display technology offers a great way to keep students engaged and make learning fun for them. Using educational games is another way to entertain them while still promoting learning.

2. Encourages Teamwork Amongst Students

The internet offers endless possibilities to advance their collaboration skills.

From online forums to help each other with certain activities and computer skills, there are infinite ways to stimulate and encourage team-building skills naturally with the help of technology.

3. Makes Learning More Accessible

Not every student learns the same. Using educational programs through technology can enable students to learn at their own unique pace. Alexander Burridge openly acknowledges that he and several of his tech peers would have benefited from a more personalized education program that can only be achieved through the help of tech.

Educational games and programs can be tailored to fit every student’s specific needs, such as altering the level or focusing on a specific area that they’re struggling with. By using technology, teachers can provide individualized attention without holding the rest of the class back.

4. Benefits Teachers

Technology can also help teachers in many ways. Because the youth are more likely to communicate through messaging, it allows teachers to connect better with students through online chats and forums.

Teachers can find lesson plans online to help them plan and reach out to other teachers for support. Additionally, assigning homework through a resource online reduces the time it would normally take a teacher to grade homework since most can be done automatically.

5. Promotes Individual Learning

While technology can improve students’ ability to work in a team, it can also cultivate another essential skill: individual learning.

While working individually, students have the resources to find solutions on their own with the help of the internet. The internet also enables students to learn their own way, which can aid them in grasping the material better.

About Austin Alexander Burridge:

From an early age, Austin Alexander Burridge of Rosemount, IL enjoyed exploring the imaginative worlds offered via video games as well as the internet and soon developed a keen interest in both tech hardware as well as innovative software design. When he’s not utilizing his skillset writing code from his hub in Rosemount, Austin Burridge can be found reviewing the latest tech, gadgets, and software developments online.