California – Today, the american technology company, Apple unveiled a whole new range of products at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. The impatiently expected Iphone 6s and its Plus version were promoted in the massive event along with other products such as, the new Apple TV, a new versatile TV Remote, the Ipad Pro and finally what they called an “Apple precise pencil.”

Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet software and service, announcing the new Apple TV and its new Siri-enabled controller. Credit: Forbes

 Apple TV

Among the rumors created before the Apple’s event, the new improvements of the Apple TV were completely expected. Today, Apple launched a redesigned TV which includes a new app store, OS and multi touch remote. The CEO explained that the company believes the future of TV is routed to apps.  

As rumors said, Apple released the tvOS with a whole new Siri support that makes the users experience simple and futuristic. Now users will be able to find their favorites shows or movies by just talking to their well-known friend, Siri.  

That’s why Apple also introduced their new Siri-powered touch surface remote. It has bluetooth 4.0, and also allows users to have a more advanced control with a huge variety of inputs. Moreover, ships will start in October, so be patient!

Iphone 6s and its Plus version

The current CEO from Apple, Tim Cook, was the one in charge of introducing to the rest of the world both Iphone 6s and its Plus version. An event that has been expected for a long period now. There were a lot of new features for both devices, the most enchanting was the 3D touch, a revolutionary advance that could change the history of Iphone forever, improving the interaction of the user with the smartphone. The 3D consists in tappin as little as possible so the user get what he wants more quickly. E-mails can now be peer with a deeper tap and hold. Also users can access to the apps without even opening them due to the 3D Touch.

Apple introduced the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, which come in four colors. Credit: Miguel Helft/ Forbes
Apple introduced the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, which come in four colors. Credit: Miguel Helft/ Forbes

MacWorld explained on an article about the event that “Multitasking is easier than ever with 3D Touch, too. You can press on the screen and swipe to scroll through the apps you’ve got open, rather than double clicking the Home button. 3D Touch works with a taptic engine for haptic feedback you can feel, just like the Apple Watch and the trackpad on the new MacBooks.”

We also know that Apple has always been interested in improving their camera quality, a tremendous characteristic that people take into account when it comes to purchase a smartphone device. Through time, Apple has earned the trust of its users regarding camera improvements, and this new iSight Camera of 12 Mega Pixels that also shoots 4K videos explains why.

The company also unveiled a new app named ‘Live Photos’ that features high definition photos with audio, but somehow they don’t get in the ‘video’ category.

Some other details about the latest version of Iphones are: 64-bit A9 chip, 5MP  FaceTime HD front-facing camera with a Retina Flash, extra-quic, new touch ID, supports for WIFI up to 866 mbps, with 300mbps LTE.

In addition, a brand new rose gold Iphone was launched, now rose lovers will be able to purchase the Iphone on a new different and soft colour. Pre orders will start Sept.12 and both devices will be launched on Sept.25.

From iPad to iPad Pro

For Ipad lovers, the Ipad line was not left behind. The new iPad Pro version, increased its battery time up to 10 hours. It has a high defintion of 12.9 screen with an amazing (2.732 x 2.048) display with enough screen real estate to allow split, full-screen multitasking and powerful nex A9X chip that’s 1.8x than the A8 before it.

The iPad Pro has a resolution of 2732 x 2048, which is 5.6 million pixels — more than any iOS device and higher than the MacBook Pro with Retina display. It can use the new ‘smart’ keyboard which connects via ports. Photo: Miguel Helft

A new feature that makes the text-entry easier was also included. We are talking about a new “smart” keyboard which Cook gave few details about but said it uses new Apple dome switches and that it takes advantage of the new magnetic connector of the iPad Pro. The speaker audio was also improved.

What’s exactly a precise Apple pencil?

What really called for the attention of the event’s viewers was the precise Apple pencil, a tool that can be used in the new iPad Pro

The new tool functions with sensors that detects positions, force and tilt. It included a lighting connector that lets the user charge the pencil directly to the iPad Pro when they are not spending time on it. This new pencil allows the user to configure their documents and also draw shapes.

The so called “stylus” pencil will let users draw in apps such as Adobe Photoshop FX which is a new app developed by Eric Snowden. Apparently the sensibility works pretty well, and the drawings appear instantly on the screen of your iPad Pro. Others tablets from other technology companies have provided such tools for a long time. People will have to wait until November to see if this precise pencil has something better to offer.

Apple’s watch new bands

Now, to conclude, let’s talk about the Apple Watch sports new bands, which are now currently available in gold and rose gold finish same as the Iphone 6s. They were previously available but just in white, blue, green, red and black.

SOURCE: MacWorld