The home audio company Sonos announced today that Apple Music would be available on Sonos systems worldwide. The company’s wireless speakers have gain recognition by having a friendly interface for users to handle with ease.

Now, Sonos customers will have the ability to stream Apple Music exclusive content as well as directly accessing Apple Music features such as For You, Radio and My Music.

Since December 2015 a beta test was made by researchers in order to see how Apple Music on the Sonos platform performed, by testing hundreds of thousands of listeners. Apple’s senior VP Eddy Cue commented on the beta test, calling it “great” and an “amazing listening experience”. Sonos has also offered Spotify, the leading digital subscription service, for several years.

Apple Music’s partnership with Sonos is a notable moment for streaming music. Credit: Fast Company/Sonos

“The feedback from Apple Music members on Sonos during the beta period has been great,” said Apple’s senior vice president of the Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue. “Sonos plus Apple Music provides an amazing listening experience at home – and we’re excited to offer it to all Sonos customers starting tomorrow.”

A study was needed for both Apple and Sonos to figure out not only the listeners desired playlists but also to recognize the users’ taste in music. The two power housing companies hired neuropsychologist Dr. Daniel J. Levitin to be the lead author of this study. The study focused on the positive effects of music listening in the home as well as how music influences on people’s relationships and lives.

A sample of 30,000 was asked about their behaviors and tendency to listen to music at home and they outfitted a number of homes with Sonos and Apple gear to examine the relation between music and happiness. Next, a global study which lasted two weeks, measured 31 families as the listened to music for one week, then lived the other week in a relatively silent area.

For the study both Apple and Sonos gave products to each participant as it were needed for scientific purposes. Apple watches were given in order to measure participants’ heart rate, activity, movement and calories burned. Apple iBeacons were handed to participants to follow them and being able to track their location. And Sonos speaker were stationed around the participants’ houses to blow up tunes from Apple Music.

 “This partnership has been an excellent example of two companies that truly care about music coming together to deliver a great listening experience. Working with Apple gives us the opportunity to share Apple Music throughout people’s homes in a way that’s easy, intuitive and sounds great,” Sonos chief executive John MacFarlane declared.

Source: Time