The United States’s favorite show, America’s Got Talent, is dominating the summer TV with its latest episodes. The talent show program, with the newest addition of Simon Cowell as a judge, was the most watched program on air last week.

The NBC show was seen by 12.8 million people on Wednesday, according to the Nielsen company. America’s Got Talent had a difference or more than four million viewers compared with the second most watched show, as reported by the Washington Times.

Photo credit: Boston Marathon 2k16
The United States’s favorite show, America’s Got Talent, is dominating the summer TV with its latest episodes. Photo credit: Boston Marathon 2k16

America’s Got Talent just finished its first six weeks, and now that some of the shows have to face the judges, it is time for some of them to come back home. However, twenty acts were taken into account to be one of the seven to present live their acts in Week 1.

Hara was one the luckiest to make it to the presentation, an illusionist who performed an intense routine involving fire, swords and herself locked in a little box. She managed to surprise the judges and received a positive review, as reported by Hollywood Life.

A family band named Edgar also presented and made through the judges with a powerful acoustic rendition of The Beatles ‘Let It Be’. According to Howie Mandel, they had improved from the first audition and deserve to be in the competition.

But as usual, the judges had some harsh reviews to some of the participants, especially Cowell. A dance crew named Miniotics presented a routine to the Spice Girls “Wannabe”, but Cowell referred to it as “amateurish”.

The youngest of the night, the singer Brennley Brown, 14, and the comedian Lori Mae Hernandez, 13, also made an incredible presentation. Brown sounded great, but Hernandez got to charmed everyone with her jokes, which even included Caitlyn Jenner.

For the closing show, Linkin’ Bridge presented an acapella version of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird”, which also gathered positive reviews from the judges due to their inspiring act and the choosing story.

From NFL to magician

One of the most outstanding moments of the night was Jon Dorenbos and his amazing trick on the judges. He is an NFL star who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles and took his offseason downtime to show nationwide his magic tricks.

The 35-year-old presented during his audition in Week 4 a card trick that made Cowell doubt of his eyes. In the beginning, Dorenbos pulled a card from the deck he was holding and put it into a paper clip.
After that, he began to lay out the cards in front of the judges while starting with the Ace of diamonds. He made a “magic shake” and turned the Ace into a 2 of diamonds, and later showed the three of diamonds.

However, as he continued the trick that had already surprise the audience, he shared the rest of the diamonds in the same order and eventually reaching the King. By the end he made Cowell think of a card, which was the one on the paper clip since the beginning.

Source: Hollywood Life