, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) is giving a 92 percent off deal for their Cloud Drive service. The online storage service will cost just $5 for a year. Users have been adopting cloud services since they allow to save thousands of data online that can be accessed from several gadgets at the same time without occupying local space.

The deal was given to encourage users who have not acquired any cloud service yet. Cloud Drive from Amazon can stock documents, photographs, music, videos and other files in the cloud which can be shared and accessed from tablets, smartphones and computers. Customers that already paid for the service will obtain a refund on their actual plan after they buy the $5 deal.

Amazon is offering a $5 deal to a whole year of its Cloud Drive service. Credit:

“When you upload a file or photo to Cloud Drive, you’re saving a backup copy in Amazon’s secure servers. There’s no limit to how many files you can upload, and we’ll never change or reduce the resolution of your images” wrote the company in its website.

Amazon Prime also offers free unlimited photo backups as one of its many benefits, so users that do not need to save other files besides photographs won’t need to pay for the complete Cloud experience.

Google also offer a free photo backup service alongside the new app Google Photos the company introduced this year. The app already supports unlimited storage of photos up to 16-megapixel and videos up to 1080p without paying anything.

On the other hand, Apple announced on September a 50GB cloud storage for $0.99 a month. But the leader is still Dropbox which claims to have 400 million users that synchronize 1.2 billion files every day and create over 100,000 shared folders every hour. The latter costs $10 a month but offers 1TB of space.

The $5 deal is just available for customers in the United States. Users who plan to buy a camera, PC video games or kitchen products will also qualify to get the deal for free. The page does not specify how much the deal will last, but it will probably be a Black Friday special as it says it is just for a limited time.

The usual service price is $60 a year. Customers should be cautious if they do not want to renew the fee after a year has passed. If they don’t want to pay $60 next year they will have to download everything they have updated because files will be stored just in Amazon’s servers.

External drives might also be a good option for people who don’t need to access their files from different devices. Many portable hard drives cost between $50-$60 for 1TB units. A benefit from using local storage is that it doesn’t consume internet data.

Amazon is also offering Black Friday deals for their gadgets such as the Kindle and the Echo. The Echo speakers that are provided with a personal voice assistant are now $30 cheaper. The famous e-reader, Kindle Paperwhite, is also on sale. Price lowered from $119 to just $99.

Source: Amazon