Amazon Echo Alexa is adding a new skill to its functions, making the connected speaker a perfect tool in the kitchen, and it is free. The Allrecipes skill lets users find over 60 thousand recipes that adapt to the time you have for cooking, the ingredients you have at home and your pace while making dinner.

Alexa already lets users multitask while listening to the news, e-books and traveling plans. Additionally, the Amazon Echo speaker lets you shop and tracks Amazon orders and even sends text messages with voice commands, but what it did not offer was help in the kitchen, until now.

Amazon Echo Alexa is going to get in your kitchen to be part of your cooking process Image Credit: digitaltrends
Amazon Echo Alexa is going to get in your kitchen to be part of your cooking process Image Credit: digitaltrends

Allrecipes is a cooking community that just launched its skill for Alexa, a most-needed feature since cooking is a hands-free activity. Alexa helps you decide what to cook based on your needs. The skill will search recipes taking into account how much time do you have to prepare a meal and the ingredients you have in the kitchen. And if you are not in a hurry, Alexa sends you the ingredient list to your cell phone so you can take it with you to the supermarket.

When Alexa suggests a recipe, it also tells you how many stars does it has in Allrecipes and how many reviews, which lets you decide if cooking that meal is worth of your time. Once you have chosen what to make the voice command “Start cooking” will get the Amazon Echo speaker to read step by step the preparation.

If you missed how much of an ingredient you needed it or for how long something had to go in the oven, Alexa repeats the information for you. You can pause, repeat and skip steps as you are cooking with Allrecipes Skill. And if you want to know if you have enough of an ingredient at home, such as flour, Amazon Alexa will tell you before you start cooking.

The Echo Allrecipes Skill works with all Alexa-supported devices, including Echo models and Amazon’s Fire TV. Alexa’s cooking skill is free to download and use, making the new feature even more appealing for users.

Alexa’s new Allrecipes Skill is more than convenient compared to smartphones and tablets that also can help you cook. But considering that any help should be hands-free not to interrupt your cooking, Amazon’s Echo speakers are the perfect solution for those who need guidance in the kitchen.

Amazon is giving discounts to users that shop through Alexa

The online-shopping service started offering exclusive deals to customers that began to use the Echo new feature that lets you buy at Amazon. A voice command will fill your online shopping cart, and you will get special deals for it.

Customers just have to ask Alexa to order the product they want and Amazon will choose a “well-priced product” eligible for Prime shipping. The benefit for Alexa users started Friday and will end Monday, November 21.

Source: Allrecipes