On Wednesday, famed baseball player Alex Rodriguez announced his retirement from an outstanding career when his latest contract expires after the season of 2017, said ESPN New York.

The designated hitter for the New York Yankees will end his baseball career with a last season to play, which will mark the conclusion of his 10-year, $275 million contract. It appears to be the appropriate time for Rodriguez to finally retire as he will turn 41 years old next July, which in a game like baseball, becomes increasingly challenging.

A-Rod announced his retirement from an outstanding career when his latest contract expires after the season of 2017. Credit: Tvhiguey.com

The famed player for the Yankees was suspended for allegedly using performance-enhancing drugs last year, which caused Rodriguez to watch the entire 2015 season from the dugout.

However, Alex Rodriguez still shows incredible skills and is definitely a perk for the New York Yankees when it comes to delivering home runs, and still has the next season to leave it all in the field. The veteran baseball player said in an interview on Wednesday that he won’t be playing after 2017.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time,” said Rodriguez in an interview to ESPN. “For me, it is time for me to go home and be a dad.”

Now, even though Rodriguez, or as he’s nicknamed A-Rod has an incredible career with 687 career home runs and 3,070 hits, he may not get into the Hall of Fame. A-Rod’s past setback with performance-enhancing drugs could cost him his place among baseball legends in the Hall of Fame of baseball.

Alex Rodriguez has more than triumphed in his baseball career, as he ranks fourth all-time in runs batted in, and is a three-time MVP winner. Whether the Yankees’ designated hitter will gain his place in the Hall of Fame or not, the notorious baseball player Alex Rodriguez will be considered – as it may already be the case as well – as one of the most talented, yet controversial legends in the game.

Aspirations & incentives for the 2017 season

Rodriguez could very well beat some of the oldest records in baseball in his last season if he sets the goal to achieve them before retiring. In order to pass Babe Ruth’s rank as third on the all-time list, A-Rod only needs 28 more home runs. Yet the other records could be considered far-fetched for just one season, as Rodriguez is 69 home runs away from passing Hank Aaron for second place.

He would need to score 76 more to remove Barry Bonds from the throne, and be converted into the all-time home run king. Nevertheless, the performance from A-Rod this upcoming season is expected to bring out the best in the baseball legend.

And after his retirement, A-Rod will surely keep in touch with his baseball roots as he could pursue a TV career as an analyst or try to own a baseball team. Yet nothing has been official, despite the fact Alex Rodriguez plans to retire after he finishes his contract in the 2017 season.

“I’m certainly going to enjoy, but hopefully it is just low key, said Rodriguez to ESPN’s reporter Andrew Marchand. “I haven’t thought that far ahead, to be honest with you.”

Source: ESPN