The e-commerce industry is projected to reach almost $5 trillion by 2021, and along with it, we’re expected to witness an acceleration in online marketing development along the way. Some companies and brands have already started creating a proper infrastructure that will not only help businesses advertise their products but at the same time, will bring more people into this ecosystem and help them generate income online. In our Ads Supply review, we’ll present the benefits of such a platform, and how any individual can get involved in the growing digital advertising industry.

Ads Supply Review – The Right Advertising Platform to Make Money Online?

What is the Ads Supply platform?

Ads Supply, at, is a brand-new platform providing access to a series of advanced marketing tools that help online marketers, no matter their previous background, create and run ad campaigns. The platform is working on a cost-per-lead (CPL) pricing model, which means that each registered member can earn revenue for every new lead generated by his/her ads.

In other words, Ads Supply is the middleman between CPL advertisers and individual marketers that want to invest their own money and then get paid for running efficient, high-converting banner ads. Those ads, promoting products and services of big brands in various categories and niches, will then be displayed on multiple publisher websites that can collectively reach millions of potential web users. Each marketer (i.e., member) receives a commission for every lead his/her ad generates.

How can you start advertising?

One of the main upsides of the Ads Supply platform is that it provides all the tools that people (even those without prior experience in online marketing) need to create and run ad campaigns quickly. Opening an account is as simple as with any other website, and after logging in to the platform, we can then start creating the first banner ad campaign.

To get started, open the Ads Supply dashboard and click on “Marketplace.” A page with pre-defined advertising campaigns will show up, arranged by categories and industries, out of which you can select the one that suits you best. You’ll notice that each ad campaign is displayed as a box, and below it, there’s a “Purchase” button. After clicking on it, you’ll then have to choose a name for your campaign and hit the “Buy Now” button to get the ad up and running.

At the same time, you can create a “Custom Campaign” – for customizing and optimizing your ad campaign in-depth. The process runs through a few simple steps:

  1. Enter the campaign’s name and select how long it should run.
  2. Select the “Vertical” or the products your campaign relates to and choose a budget. You’ll also have to select an image associated with your product.
  3. Set up the audience targeting options by country, age, gender, etc.
  4. Create a headline to complete the ad. Review your customized banner ad campaign and launch it. That’s it; you’re good to go!


Fully aware that not all people can invest the same amount, Ads Supply had designed a series of packages that come with different benefits, depending on how much each member is willing to allocate. Here’s a short recap of a few of them:

– Starter account: clients receive a 10% welcome value add-on, a platform guide, and monthly market review;

– Silver account: 15% welcome value add-on, monthly market review, one live training session, and a platform guide;

– Gold: 25% welcome value add-on, weekly market review, one live training session, and a platform guide.

Note that the minimum initial deposit to start running ad campaigns on Ads Supply is $200.

How can you make money using the platform?

The Ads Supply platform works based on a Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) pricing model, meaning that you, as a marketer, will get paid for every valid lead (email sign-up, for example) generated via one (or more) of the ads that you’ve created on the platform. On the positive side, you have an infrastructure that had brought simplicity in creating ads, but at the same time, there is no 100% you’ll generate returns. That’s depending on your work and how efficient your ads will be in attracting leads.

The Bottom line

What’s important to note about Ads Supply is the way the platform managed to create an environment where everything is intuitive and friendly. Setting up an account and creating an ad campaign had been an easy task to perform. Still, each member has to allocate some time to understand the techniques that will attract leads and create the confidence required to generate profits online.