In recent years, the home improvement market has been rising. In 2018 alone homeowners spent an average of 7,560 U.S. dollars on home improvement. This is due to the fact many have become interested in renovating various parts of their house, for instance, their basements to make them more comfortable or to increase the functionality. Basements are not easy to renovate, and thus many choose to hire a professional contractor for the job. However, there is always the dilemma of how to choose one. As the finishing of a basement is a serious investment, it is absolutely necessary to choose a reliable, and quality basement contractor to ensure one gets their money’s worth.

A Guide to Basement Renovation Contractors

What to Look Out for

  • Basic Criteria

As with all those involved in the renovation industry, there are certain criteria basement contractors should meet. The most basic of these are being licensed and being insured. These are fail-safes just in case something goes wrong during the renovation process. Professional basement contractors should also be willing to obtain and provide the permit necessary for the renovation.

  • Experience

With a project the size of a basement renovation, it would be recommended to hire a contractor with experience in the field. If they have the experience, they will be able to avoid common pitfalls which can help in saving time and expenses. Those with experience in the industry also have superior insight on issues a homeowner might have, for instance designing around pipes or ducts. A quality basement contractor will have knowledge of the local building codes and standards, as well as practices that ensure the finished basement is up to par with the proper codes. Experienced basement contractors should also have an idea of the materials and budget necessary, and thus their work should be able to endure for years. An added perk of experienced contractors is that one can inquire about their past projects. This offers insight into the quality of their work as well as if they have a compatible style. Also, if there are any especially good or bad reviews one can research into them and then decide if the contractor is really worth hiring.

  • Contractor Information

There is some general information one should inquire about when considering whether or not to hire a certain contractor. Does the company work specifically with basements? Will they be in charge of the job themselves or will they be hiring subcontractors? Are the materials the company plans to use basement specific? Questions such as these help one in determining the pros and cons of hiring a certain contractor. Companies that specialize in basements are more likely to have a wider selection of options during the process. A company that hires subcontractors will not necessarily have subpar work, but their work quality may be more difficult to control. It is always a benefit for companies to use products specifically intended for basements as those tend to work better in their given conditions. Another important inquiry is the projected beginning and end times of the renovation. One should hire a contractor they do not have to rush or push towards a certain deadline, for that may cause them to make potentially dangerous miscalculations or mistakes. Contractors should also clearly state what is included in their quota and what is not to prevent the possibility of any misunderstandings.

Perks of Hiring a Basement Contractor for Renovation

The rise of the internet has made it so many believe themselves to be capable of doing projects such as home renovations themselves. While it is certainly possible for some, it is not for all. The most basic reason hiring a professional contractor would be preferable is because the end job is more likely to turn out visually appealing. Also, professionals tend to finish the job much faster than a homeowner trying to tackle the project on their own. The average completion time for a DIY-er is two years, compared to the six to eight weeks a professional need. However, there are more serious reasons as to why one should hire a basement contractor rather than attempting to do the job themselves. Homeowners attempting a renovation for the first time may be unaware of certain codes and regulations that are mandatory to follow. These codes may seem obvious to those who have been in the business for years, but treating lumber that will touch the floor to prevent decay, for example, is not something homeowners who have not done their research will know to do. Such errors can be extremely dangerous, as well as hazardous. Hiring a freelance contractor might not seem like a bad idea, especially if one is on a budget. However, such contractors lack the reliability of professionals. Hiring a group with repute can save time and money by sticking to deadlines and doing quality work.