If you pander through the same New Year’s routine of setting goals before promptly tossing them to the wayside, perhaps this prediction can serve as motivation: don’t be a quitter on Quitters Day (or any day thereafter).

6 Ways to Increase Motivation

Based on global athletic data from 2019, Strata has officially deemed January 19, 2020, as the day most people will relinquish their New Year’s resolutions — at least when it comes to health and fitness.

And yet, you’re not a quitter; you’re a go-getter. You’re a tackle-life-by-the-horns kind of person and, thus, are bound and determined to hit the gym, the trails, the living room or wherever it is you get your body moving.

So, if you don’t want to contribute to the statistics, here are six ways to make sure you stay good on those goals.

1. Make it Social

Turns out, people keep other people active. Simply sharing your goals with others substantially increases the likelihood of achieving them. In fact, the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology reported that people who used a support network to help them improve health outcomes had a 42 percent increase in sustained weight loss. As you likely know by now, when a friend holds you accountable, it becomes much easier to follow through.

2. Dress for Success

When it comes to finding the motivation to exercise, it’s important to have the right gear handy. When you look good, you feel good, and that equals motivation. Having the proper apparel not only serves as a fantastic motivator, but it also protects your body from falls, spills and damaging movements. So, dress in comfortable, lightweight clothing that makes you feel like a superstar.

3. Shift Your Perspective

It’s difficult to get motivated when all you can think about is what drudgery it is to hit the gym. That’s why it’s important to shift your thinking to that of an athlete rather than a couch potato. Consider those workouts a break or a blessing instead of a chore and look externally for inspiration — from the woman who lost 150 pounds by exercising regularly to the man who is unable to work out and would love nothing more than to lift weights.

4. Spice It Up

As humans, we naturally lose motivation when we’re bored. And when it comes to exercise, following the same routine time and again is a sure recipe to allow boredom to set in. Instead, think of ways to mix it up. Try hula hooping instead of spin class. Go for a morning jog instead of slogging away after work. Learn hip-hop dancing or Zumba to see how the music serves as a motivator.

5. Plan a Post-Workout Treat

Think of something you consider a (relatively healthy) treat and enjoy it after working out. Knowing that you’re headed to the smoothie shop or spa will motivate you to crush your sweat session. Naturally, good things come in small doses. If you’re packing on the calories or emptying the bank account each time you get your heart racing, you’re likely doing more harm than good. So, just make sure you don’t overdo it.

6. Choose Workouts That Fit Your Lifestyle and Personality

For someone who abhors running, the idea of hitting the trail for a jog may prompt a full-on sweat. Likewise, someone who prefers the company of one may shudder at being forced into a group exercise class. But rather than try to wedge a round peg in a square hole, consider your personal preferences and lifestyle needs. Then, form a routine that works specifically for you.

Achieving Goals Requires the Right Mindset

When you look to take greater control of your health, finding the right motivators is critical. Use these tips to keep yourself going long after the tennis shoes are tied and the fatigue has worn you thin.