A lot of people are having more trouble than usual when it comes to sleep quality lately. With the continued ongoing world events, a rocky economy, and uncertainty around almost every corner, it is little wonder that more and more of the population are suffering from at least some level of anxiety, making a good night’s sleep even more elusive.

6 Luxury Sleep Accessories You Need to Improve Your Sleep Quality
Zohre Nemati

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of sleep and if you’ve been suffering through sleepless nights or just want some help getting better rest, you’ll want to consider some of these great sleep aids.

1. Get Yourself A Re. Lease for Sleep

Running just under $100, the RE.LEASE Sleep Kit contains a Silk Sleep Mask that is “scientifically proven to enhance sleep quality,” as well as their Rollerball Scent Therapy that is 100% organic with natural essential oils that are team-distilled and blended by hand.

2. Treat Yourself and Your Bed

Giving in to a little pre-sleep indulgence never hurts anyone and with body scrubs, body lotions, shower mousse, and other products from Acqua di Parma or Maison Francis Kurkdjian, you can indulge in style. You may also want to consider misting the bedsheets with a nice fragrance from Penhaligon or the pillow mist from Bamford.

3. Upgrade Your Pillow

While many of us have gotten rid of our old coil-spring mattresses, all too few have done anything about their pillow. Sure, you can blame the cycle of the moon on your lack of sleep but the truth is, it could all be a matter of you resting your head on the wrong pillow.

According to Harvard Health, depending on your prominent sleep position and the firmness, your pillow could actually be detrimental to your health. Don’t settle for the cheapest option at the local mega-store either. Remember this, a small investment in a luxury option like memory foam or a copper pillow that helps keep you cooler at night can not only help you sleep better, it may well be better for your health.

Either way, your lumpy poor-excuse-for-a-pillow needs to be retired.

4. Drift Off With Sleep Drops

The Sleep Drops from The NewCo. can help make drifting off to sleep much easier. Place a drop of this valerian root, passionflower, and chamomile combination in a glass of water or directly under your tongue in order to reduce depression and anxiety, induce calm, and sleep better.

5. Make Sure You’re Cozy & Comfy

Unless you prefer sleeping “au naturel,” your sleepwear could probably use an upgrade. Consider a pair of ultra-cozy jersey shorts with matching short sleeve button down from Eberjey Gisele Fashion for just over $100, or go for a matching PJ set from Sleep Jones-Bishop or a thermoregulating silk midi-length slip dress from Lunya for a little under $200.

6. Set the Mood for Sleep

Candles and essential oils of lavender, chamomile, and other fantastic scents can give you a sensory cue that it’s time to go to sleep. Try the Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle from ThisWorks or use some of your favorite essential oils shortly before bed to help you relax and sleep deeper.

Whether you use a white-noise machine, have Alexa play some nature sounds, or just listen to some old ‘Enigma,’ According to a study by the Sleep Foundation, listening to 45-minutes of music before bed can lead to better sleep quality. Furthermore, they found that this practice has “a cumulative effect” and participants reported that they slept even better “the more often they incorporated music into their nightly routine.”

Sleeping isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. However, you should definitely consider pampering yourself at least a little with a bit of luxury. Having a bad night’s sleep can set the tone for the entire day and have far-reaching consequences. Taking a few small steps to possibly increase your overall quality of sleep is certainly worth the effort.