With the pandemic and the resulting closure of existing businesses, startups have become an alternative as people want to put their business plans into action. We are currently in the midst of a “startup boom.” From starting companies to opening online stores for your new pandemic hobbies, we are experiencing a wave of new businesses.

5 Tips to Build Customer Loyalty for Your Startup

However, even if you have the most brilliant idea for your startup, your success comes down to your relationships with your customers. As with all startups, your customers can either make or break your company. That being said, there are a few ways to start improving your customer loyalty:

  1. Ask for customer feedback

Get to know your customers. Questionnaires, surveys, and polls allow for you to gauge your customer-base’s interests and opinions. Customers are putting their money into your company, so try to include them in the betterment process of your startup. As your customers have firsthand experience with your product, their opinions are valuable as you work to becoming more user-friendly–while listening to your users themselves. Customer suggestions not only allow for the customers to feel included in the course of your company, but you may even find brand new ideas that wouldn’t have been on your radar otherwise.

Encourage customers to insert their feedback into the form of a review. Positive reviews will allow future customers to see where you stand out. Negative reviews will allow you to improve your processes.

  1. Share your beliefs with your customers

Be open and honest about your company’s goals and beliefs. State your beliefs directly on your website. Don’t try to hide behind the mystery of corporate startups.

In order to build strong relationships with your customers, it helps to share their values. People are more likely to place their money behind companies that share the same beliefs.

  1. Personalize the customer experience

Don’t overlook the importance of a personalized customer experience. While automated phone or text services are convenient, human warmth is often lacking from the interaction. Customers value good customer service; customers are more likely to remain loyal to brands that provide a great customer experience. Make it easy for customers to contact you for any concerns, comments, or compliments at any time.

Don’t forget how the physical memorabilia of your company can remind potential clients of your presence. Corporate gifts have been proven to strum up business between potential customers and your start-ups. Keep in mind, the more unique your corporate gift, the more memorable you will be with your future customers.

  1. Reward customer loyalty

Who doesn’t love bonus rewards? As we have become more of a digital world, we have digitized “the punch card.” Instead, we provide discount codes or even giveaways for repeated purchases.

Consider personalizing these rewards to represent your company.

By treating your existing customers right, you are showing that you appreciate them and their business–either with your words or through rewards.

  1. Be flexible

As a start-up, you are figuring out how to connect with your customers. You may not always get it right on the first try. Be willing to admit your mistakes and go the extra mile to right your wrongs with your customers.

If there’s anything that 2020 taught us, it is the importance of flexibility as a means of disaster-proofing your business. Try to expect the unexpected. The more flexibility your company is built with, the happier your customers will be when you are still around in the face of disasters.

Having loyal customers can help to improve the success of your startup. Word of mouth is a great way for positive reviews to spread. If you have happy customers, they’re going to tell their friends who will tell their friends. You just have to work a little harder to make your customers happy. But, in the long run, your extra efforts will be worth it.