If you have a drug or alcohol addiction, there are several forms of therapy and treatment that can help. Canada is home to several rehabilitation centers to help you overcome your addiction. Understanding how rehab works in Canada can help you determine if you should seriously consider going to one of these facilities. Learn more about private and public rehab centers, inpatient and outpatient care, and what to expect.

5 Things to Know About Rehab In Canada

Private vs. Public Rehab Centers

While both public and private rehab centers provide quality care, the care you can receive from a private rehab facility is often better. In terms of cost, public rehab centers receive funding from the government, which makes them much more affordable than private rehab centers. However, you also get what you pay for. For example, while private centers cost more, you also get access to customized treatment plans, more amenities, and better care overall in comparison to public centers.

Types of Treatment

When it comes to rehab treatment, there are two general types: outpatient treatment and inpatient treatment. Whereas outpatients live at their own home and visit a clinic or a facility as needed, inpatients stay in a hospital for a certain period of time in accordance with their treatment plan.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Care

Both inpatient and outpatient care comes with various advantages for addicts. When you’re an inpatient, a nurse or doctor continually monitors you to ensure you’re making progress. In contrast, being an outpatient allows you to recuperate in the comfort of your own home. Though inpatients usually have more severe cases of addiction than outpatients, both inpatients and outpatients receive quality care that can aid them on their road to recovery.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Costs

If you’re an addict, you may be asking yourself, “Does rehab cost money in Canada?” Ultimately, the type of treatment you receive determines the cost that you’ll pay. Since inpatients must live within a rehabilitation center during their treatment, this form of care tends to cost more. The type of program also makes a difference in costs. For example, if an outpatient visits a therapist, they’re often charged per treatment session.

Rehab Centers in Canada

Now that you understand some of the factors involved in rehab, consider which type of treatment best suits your needs. Canada is home to several luxury rehab centers that provide quality care, including the following in these Canadian provinces:


  • Addiction Rehab Toronto.
  • Canadian Centre for Addictions.
  • Greenstone Centre for Recovery.
  • 1000 Islands.
  • Centers for Health and Healing.
  • Neworld Medical Detox.
  • Trafalgar.
  • The Farm.
  • Irving House.
  • Renascent.

British Columbia

  • Sunshine Coast Health Centre.
  • Top of the World Ranch.
  • Inspire Change Wellness Center.
  • Orchard Recovery.
  • Valiant Recovery.


  • Andy’s House.
  • Clinique Nouveau Départ.
  • Homewood Du Plateau.

Whether you choose a private or public facility, you’re one step closer to reaching a healthier lifestyle. Consider both your preferences and your budget before you make your decision. Then, reach out to the appropriate parties to get the help you need today.