Although it’s almost impossible to guarantee safety while driving, there are many things a driver can do to minimize the chances of being involved in an accident. Preventing car accidents should be a priority for every road user. Although some accidents can be inevitable, there is a lot that motorists can do to avoid them.

5 Innovate Car Accident Prevention Technologies

One of the most reassuring factors is that since the advent of technology, various innovations have come into play and made it easier for motorists to reduce the possibilities of accidents. These technologies advance alongside new discoveries, and therefore, we can expect an even safer driving experience as we head into the future. The smart technology incorporated in a vehicle can prevent a car accident in a considerable number of scenarios. Some of the most common causes of car accidents include:

  • Human errors
  • Distractions to the driver
  • Misuse of safety gear
  • Mechanical failure

Although many different technologies could prevent car accidents, one should get familiarized with some of the most effective ones. Consider those when buying a new car or when thinking about upgrading your vehicle.

1. Backup Cameras

Whether you are parking, reversing, or speeding on the highway, you need a good view of the road. It is always important to be aware of what is happening both ahead and behind you. This would not be possible without having backup cameras incorporated into your vehicle.

You may argue that side mirrors allow you to get a good enough rare view. However, backup cameras will show you the entirety of the road behind out, helping you decide when it’s safe to reverse when getting out of a parking lot.

2. LED Headlights

Headlights do not only allow you to see the road clearly when there is insufficient light. They also make other motorists notice you from the distance. This is especially relevant when driving at high speeds on a highway or through extreme weather conditions.

If you are driving through a storm, your regular headlights may not be enough to make your vehicle visible to other drivers. This means that there will always be a possibility to get involved in a collision or other types of accidents. However, when you have LED headlights incorporated, it all becomes considerably safer.

3. Hands-Free Technology

You may want to perform various other tasks as you drive, and this means that you can be easily distracted. For instance, using your phone to communicate or search for directions may cause you to concentrate less on driving. With hands-free technology, you do not have to get your hands off the steering wheel to perform these tasks. You can connect your smartphone and communicate without touching it. Keeping your eyes on the road at all times is an absolute must.

4. Lane Departure Warning

Many accidents occur because drivers switch lanes without signaling. When doing that, one would be crossing another motorists’ way, without them expecting din maneuver to happen. This is one of the most common causes of accidents, especially when the vehicle behind you is in your blind spot. If you install lane departure warning technology in your car, you will be notified of vehicles approaching from behind whenever you switch lanes. It allows you to double-check if switching lanes is safe at that particular moment. Switching lanes happen in a matter of seconds, which means that human error has a higher chance of occurring.

5. Automatic Emergency Braking

Did you know that failure to brake on time is one of the leading causes of car accidents? Brakes can fail due to many reasons, most of which are mechanical failures that are usually unavoidable. However, not braking in good time is commonly a result of using the mobile phone while driving, or not keeping your eyes on the road at all times. Bumping into the vehicle in front of you can be prevented using automatic emergency braking technology. Your vehicle will detect the car in front of you and automatically apply the brakes. What is very important to keep in mind is that automatic braking doesn’t always work. It will definitely come in handy, but one should never rely on it entirely.

Embrace Car Accident Prevention Technologies

Other technologies a vehicle may benefit from are autonomous cruise control and auto-steering. Although such advances are thought to make your life easier and keep you safer, people are still quite reluctant to put their lives in the hands of technology entirely. Nevertheless, everything else mentioned above should be something to keep in mind for every driver out there, given that such technologies will never interfere with your judgment or act without having complete control over them.

Bottom Line

Regardless of where or how you drive your car, it is important to ensure that everyone is safe. Remember that safety does not only apply to you but other road users too. Remember to update your technology regularly and check that everything works properly. It will also make it easy for you to get legal help after a car accident.