Choosing the best telescope for the very first time is an overwhelming experience. There is a lot that needs to be considered. From your lifestyle to your budget; you have to take everything in context to get the best pick for yourself or for a friend. However, before we dig into the tips that can help you in this buying journey, you have to understand that there is no such thing as a “perfect” telescope. All come with their pros and cons and you have to make a choice, based on your requirements and budget.

Tips To Buy The Best Telescopes For Beginners

How to find the best telescope?

Any telescope that you pick, will have two essential things in it that are present in every model and company.

  • Steady working mount
  • High-quality optics

You definitely have to consider its portability and user-friendliness but here are some other things to consider and look into, before you invest in a telescope.

  • Aperture:

Aperture is one of the most crucial features of a telescope. It is referred to as the diameter of a telescope’s light, which gathers the mirror or the lens. It is also termed as objective sometimes. The front of the tube of the telescope will have its specifications mentioned. The aperture’s diameter will be mentioned in millimeters. In some telescopes, it is mentioned in inches too.

Understand the difference between a larger and a smaller aperture. For example, a larger aperture allows you to see the finest of details and can also view extremely faint objects.

  • Do not fall for magnification:

A lot of telescopes are advertised through their magnification skills. Do not fall for this. If a telescope claims to have a high power of 600x, understand that it is not true and is a fake advert. The maximum and greatest magnification of a telescope is 50 times its aperture when considering in inches. In millimeters, it is twice the aperture. Thus, you will need a 12-inch wide scope for magnification.

  • Types of Telescopes:

You also have to understand the type of telescope you are looking for. There are three types; compound, refractor, and reflector. All of these use different optics to achieve the outcomes that they desire. It is best if you know about all of them and then decides on the one that you want to choose. However, the most important thing to remember is the objective’s focal length. It determines the magnification power of the telescope.

  • The Mount:

The mount is not considered as one of the most crucial elements and is usually underrated, whereas, it does hold a lot of importance. Most of the best telescopes come packed with mounts or a tripod. Tripod is not too functional and thus, it is best if amount that is specifically designed for telescopes is present. There are some telescopes that will be equipped with motors. These help you in moving the telescope in any way that you want to. Such telescopes are referred to as go-to telescopes. However, they are not for everyone. Thus, understand their uses and then decide to make a pick. Setting the go-telescopes requires a lot of in-depth understanding. Thus, as a beginner, you wouldn’t want to invest in those.


A telescope, no matter what model or company you pick, can show you the magical details of the universe. However, if you invest a little time in researching and understanding the best telescopes, you will be able to make a smarter move that will last you longer and help you experience the night sky magically.