Golf has always been linked to the business. Important business discussions take place on a golf course and you can easily witness such scenarios going on in the stunning views of the lakes and sea at the Salgados Golf Course. Today, the famous sport is known to lock many deals, create rapport and generates trust between people.

4 Reasons Golf is the Ultimate Business Tool

From movie stars to sports enthusiasts, to top CEO’s all are generally avid golfers. Golf is mainly used as a networking tool because the sport allows the players a lot of time in hand to communicate and discuss with the players.

Teaming up with someone you want to strike a business deal is the best way to initiate conversation. Once you both are comfortable with the setting, you can engage in some real business talk. It’s that one place where people shut off their mobile phones and other sorts of distractions to enjoy the game. It is in this direction; here we discuss the top 4 reasons why golf is the ultimate business tool.

1. Face Value

In our busy schedules, who has the time to sit and talk patiently for 4-5 hours? There is no other sport than golf that allows players a lot of quiet time to talk and interact with one another. One game of golf takes about 4-5 hours to complete which is a lot to get the business talk done. The informal setting also allows for honest communication between people.

2. Personality Revealer

Golf allows you to know your opponent’s real character during the play. You get to know their personalities and how they are a human being. A game can exhibit your best or worst. This is a powerful indicator required for business purposes. The various situations on the golf course showcase your personality and reactions to success, failure and how you perform under pressure. These factors play an important role in defining who you are as a business person.

3. Peaceful Surrounding

Having a business talk in beautiful and pristine surroundings can be more relaxing than a closed four-wall room. This creates a more casual and friendly environment for communication. This setting lets for an honest and real talk between people. It sets the perfect backdrop. You can become one with nature and smell the fresh grass, the chirping birds, flowing waters.

4. Golf forges relationship

Golf has been a setting for forging new relationships. It can also be used as a great networking tool. Generally, in business, golf is commonly taken advantage of to build relationships and establish connections. A simple interest in the same sport takes your friendship a little higher. Common interests pave the way for long term relationships.

A good friend can turn into your next business partner or a potential client. The more you network, the more connections you gain. The more connections you have, your chances of striking deals may become much easier. The relationship goes a long way in businesses.

To conclude, golf gives way to infinite opportunities. Irrespective of age, gender, or status, if you know how to take advantage of the situation, you will soon be on the road to success. Playing the sport with friends and clients gives you an additional understanding of their real personalities. Furthermore, playing the game will also give you an insight into your own behavior and your response to certain situations.

To become a good player at golf can take some time and patience. Golf can become that common thread that establishes bonds that last a lifetime. If you haven’t yet already started, it’s never too late. It may just change the course of your life and improve your business.