Gaining the most different colors, the lip gloss that was fever in the 1990s came back with everything and today is a wildcard component for incredible results! Do you love the light effect this make provides and want to know tricks on how to use? See 6 amazing tips!

6 surefire tips for using lip gloss

1) Attention to the application!

Several youtubers and bloggers appear in make-up tutorials by quickly applying lip gloss tubes to their lips. However, if you are not an expert yet, you need moderation in the application! Use the product gently on the lips so as not to make the mouth look artificial and heavy. A very easy trick is to pass the cosmetic with your fingers for a more uniform result, always starting at the center of the lips and moving to the sides.

2) Moisturize lips before applying gloss

Although it does not highlight both the lip hair and matte lipstick, the gloss effect increases the mouth and makes it more prominent. Because of this, to prevent small imperfections from being noticed, it is important to be always up to date with the hydration of this region! Specific creams and products for such care should have a special space in the need.

3) Avoid rubbing lips after glossing!

Many people have the habit of rubbing the upper lip on the lower lip after finishing the gloss application. However, this practice can smudge the lips and transfer the shine to the teeth. For those who do not have much skill in make, a great tip is to always have flexible and makeup stems around. That way you can brush up on imperfections and have an amazing result!

4) Want to increase the durability of the effect? Invest in lip contour!

One of the biggest complaints of gloss lovers is the short duration of the glossy effect on the lips. To prolong the result and still ensure a more elaborate finish, one solution is to bet on the lip pencil as contour. In addition to holding the product longer, this trick also gives the impression that your lips are bigger and bulkier!

5) Always have colorless gloss

Do you want a product that combines many colors, leave your lips hydrated and renew make in one simple application? A practical option is colorless gloss! A great choice for elegant and sophisticated make with this tip is to invest in a nude mouth with colorless lip gloss and bet on well marked eyes with black eyeliner and eyelash mask! For a more discreet make-up, perfect for a workday, lip gloss may appear combined with just a few layers of eyelash mask.

6) Bet on bright colors to increase lip volume

The colors red, pink, lilac and pearl are all in spring! Plus, glossing these thin-lip nuances enhances the look of your mouth and makes you even more powerful! If you already have very large lips and want a maxi effect, investing in bright tones is also over liberated. Otherwise, just choose a product with the color similar to your lips.