Deployment means different things to different branches of the military, as well as to individual servicemen and women. For some, deployments last just a few months. While many deploy to foreign countries, a deployment can also occur within the United States.

3 Ways Military Service Members Can Protect Their Families During Deployment

However, one thing that doesn’t change from one person to the next is the fear of leaving their spouse and family behind. To help make the transition a little easier, check out these simple tips that can help you protect your family while you are deployed.

Get the Right Insurance

You already know how important it is to protect your family and your belongings with insurance. But choosing the right insurance provider can also go a long way towards keeping your family safe and easing some of the burdens on your spouse while you are away.

For instance, the right auto insurance provider can make all the difference if your spouse is involved in an accident while you are away. USAA auto insurance gets you round-the-clock help when you need it most, whether you need to file a claim or manage your policy. They cater to the military and can help you find car storage while you’re deployed, offer flexible payment schedules to match your payday, and can help you save on your policy.

Build a Community of Support

While deploying to a foreign country and/or war zone takes a lot of courage, staying on the home front while a spouse is deployed does as well.

Whether you have children or not, deployment can be incredibly difficult for spouses. Not only are they dealing with the emotional burden of knowing where their spouse is, but they are also left taking care of a household and family that once had two adults present.

One great way to ease the burden on your spouse is to make sure that they have a community of support around them. Besides family and friends, urge them to connect with other service members, and especially their spouses, at your home base. Having other people around who understand the stress and demands of deployment can help ease the burden and give your spouse the support they need while you are away.

Avoid Spreading the News of Your Deployment

While building a community of support can go a long way towards your family’s health and well-being while you are deployed, it is important to keep the details of your deployment a secret from strangers or even acquaintances.

Broadcasting the details of your’s or a spouse’s deployment lets criminals know that only one adult is home. With that information, they only have to watch for one person to leave the home before breaking in.

Don’t forget that the popular World War II phrase, “Loose lips sink ships”, still applies as well. Posting on social media could put military service members and their units at risk.

Adjusting to Deployment

Serving your country through a deployment is something to be proud of, but it’s also something that takes time to adjust to, and even then you may never feel at ease being far from family.

By choosing the right insurance provider, building a community of support, and avoiding spreading the news of your deployment, you can ensure that your family is safe and supported back home during your deployment.