As 2021 unfolds, business proliferation remains a crucial factor to stay ahead of the competition. Every business, regardless of size, must expand its operations to achieve profit goals. For that instance, business owners must not hesitate to use different tools and strategies to keep their businesses afloat. One of these effective strategies should include employing technology to grow the company in the competitive market. Technology is playing a significant and vital role in our lives and the business world. The tools provided by innovational technology have revolutionized the way businesses used to operate in the recent decade. Today, companies can employ the technology to automate and generate results and minimize their operational costs.

3 Technology-Based Strategies to Grow Your Business

The latest pandemic of 2020 distorted financial projections, adversely impacting several industries. As the in-person trades came to a complete halt, it led to businesses shifting their operations digitally. Massive digital transformation was challenging for most companies, but this trend is expected to follow even after the pandemic. It means technology is no longer a choice but is crucial for businesses’ growth in this uncertain world. Using the right technology can assist your business with a competitive edge and creates financial opportunities. With that said, let’s discuss four technology-based strategies to grow your business.


If there is one technology used all over the globe in the recent year, it was VOIP. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted businesses across the world. With government authorities encouraging companies to allow their employees to work from home, VOIP was the only solution to communicate with their employees. The VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a cloud-based software that allows you to communicate with people anytime, anywhere. You do not have to schedule the meeting in conference rooms to discuss the next project. You can send out emails for the meeting time and the session link to help people join quickly.

Using the VOIP can allow you to express your ideas more clearly to the team. You can leverage the tool to directly share the insights and research from your device to engage the audience. Engaging your audience or employees with good communication can pay dividends to grow your business. There are two simple approaches to use good communication. Firstly you can learn and acquire different skills to enhance your communication for leading your business. For that instance, you can pursue degrees like strategic communications master’s programs online to bolster your communication skills. At the same time, the second approach is to use the right tool for communication. Integrating this VoIP software into your business will give it a significant productivity boost to communicate with remote teams and achieve business goals.

Enterprises will also need a sufficient plan with a third-party managed provider. When making the move to direct connect, however, it’s crucial to look for a reliable managed service provider with a proven track record of previous implementations. The right Microsoft certified partner can ensure a successful implementation of Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams by offering system architecture design, system integration, migration, training, support, and more.


Social media is another prime technology-based strategy that can minimize the marketing cost while broadening your business. Social media is not only a platform to connect with your loved ones and friends to share life moments. Social media is a hub for companies to engage with their potential customers and convert them into sales. As a businessperson, you should never overlook the power of social media for spreading the word out for your products and brands. It gives you the golden opportunity to connect with the customers globally and draw them towards your business.

Using social media, you can generate the sponsored content and advertisement without spending heavy cash on marketing. Primarily, social media is greatly influencing people’s lives during the pandemic. Now the customers can engage with their favorite businesses on social media. These facts increase the importance of maintaining social media presence and communicating with the customers to address their needs. You should produce engaging content to identify your customer’s needs and then leverage them to expand your business.


Every company must leverage the cloud for their business in 2021. Cloud technology is a hot topic that is taking the business world by storm. The immense flexibility and security of cloud technology are making it a feasible strategy to grow the business. Cloud technologies are playing a significant role in helping companies to expand in the market. Apart from security, cloud technologies enable efficiency and enhance the productivity of the business.

As the world adopts digital tools, data breaches and hackers are becoming a serious concern worldwide. Hackers always strive to exploit businesses by finding vulnerabilities and stealing confidential information. However, cloud computing secures your data and activities over the secure cloud system with backups to maintain service availability.


In this world, where technology is on the rage, using innovational tools is essential to move forward. Embracing the technology might seem overwhelming, but it streamlines your business operations to achieve the long-term goals. For that instance, weave the technologies to take your business to new heights of the competition. Above are a few but effective technological solutions to grow your business and improve processes.