Public health is the basic necessity of life and a right of every individual. It has become increasingly significant after the emergence of the COVID-19 virus. More people try to focus on their emotional, psychological, and social well-being to augment their immune system and protect themselves from this disease. Public health incorporates various aspects of health facilities including, child care, emergency or disaster relief, access to clean water, proper mental health, and timely medical care. All these facilities syndicate to provide a healthy society; therefore, they are vital for our well-being. Our experience of this pandemic tells us that mental and physical health both synchronize together to provide a healthy immune system. Therefore, both are extremely important for us, and public health officials have been going out of their way to achieving it.

Tips to Secure Mental Health to Bring Positivity Into the Society
Anna Shvets

Considering the pandemic, public health officials are doing an incredible service for us by working at the frontline like commanders. They have been risking their lives to rescue others from the deadly virus in pursuit of healthcare. Public health officials have an intricate job in their field and society as they provide timely care and medical services to enhance healthcare worldwide. Public Health professionals work in several capacities, including private and public organizations, educational institutes, pharmacies, and insurance companies, to name a few. Those who pursue it as a career can do specialization in various aspects of healthcare. It is a profession that is in demand with rewarding compensation and scope. Therefore, if you are inclined to serve people and provide care to them, then; this field is ideal for you. You can either acquire an on-campus Master of Public Health (mph) or an online mph to become a professional public health officer. So, you can contribute to society’s proper mental and physical health, positivity, and rights. Our emotional and psychological health influences our thoughts and lifestyle, subsequently affecting our relations, life decisions, and choices. Poor psychological health will create a negative impact on your life. Therefore, we should try to facilitate our mental health to instill positivity inside us. Consequently, we have compiled a list of tips to maintain our mental health to bring optimism into society.


It would be sufficient to say that mental health issue is so important and has had grave consequences on lives that it has led to the birth of a new profession to cater its needs. It resulted in the emergence of a mental health manager’s occupation to supervise health services. They act as a liaison between staff and patients, manage the budget, and ensure proper compliance with rules and policies. Suppose you wish to become a mental health manager. In that case, you may opt for an online bachelor’s in healthcare or business with healthcare management, psychology, and behavioral science as their priority courses. Subsequently, these graduates work in various mental healthcare organizations with their interpersonal skills, critical thinking, technical acumen, and incredible leadership qualities, enhancing mental health worldwide. Mental Healthcare is a pretty rewarding career since, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median mental health program manager salary is up to $100,980 per year. Moreover, ever since COVID-19 has hit us, people are isolated, are quarantined, or depressed. Consequently, mental health support has become increasingly demanding, making it crucial for every organization to incorporate a mental health manager.


No one gets spared of the emotional problems, traumatic experiences, disappointments, or terrible losses; however, not everyone knows how to recover from those experiences. Too often, people tend to cling to their sadness, anxiety, or distress, which leads to disturbing their mental health. Subsequently, we ignore our miserable psychological health and focus only on our physical well-being. Such people are not mentally resilient; thus, they need tools or people who can help them cope with their adversity and maintain a positive outlook. If we practice resilience, we motivate ourselves to control our emotions, be hopeful about every circumstance, and hopefulness drives positivity. Such individuals are optimistic and energetic since their mental health restores due to their healthy emotional resilience.


A healthy lifestyle leads to a happy life. People who exercise, get proper sleep, eat healthy food are better. It enhances their mood, relaxes the mind, builds stamina, and ultimately makes them wholesome. Lack of sleep, nutrition, and exercise leads to fatigue, depression, and anxiety among individuals, increasing the possibilities of pessimistic thoughts and behaviors. These negative feelings eventually lead to various chronic mental illnesses, which can have long-term adverse effects.


It is always good to speak to someone about your bottled-up emotions. The congested feelings can take a toll on people’s psychological state and induce profound adverse effects. Therefore, you should go to a therapist every once in a while to speak your heart out and pour out all the harmful feelings that make you feel sad, disoriented, and cynical. Depression often leads to people doubting their abilities and other’s intentions, creating havoc inside a person’s mind and heart. Hence, Talking therapy helps you excrete all your negative vibes and feelings, inner conflicts, and fears, bringing clarity in your life. Eventually, allowing you to make better life decisions and to focus on your goals.


Meditation helps your mind to focus and soul to relax, providing you the peace within yourself. There are two types of meditation, including mindfulness meditation and transcendental meditation. All you need is a private space with no noise or conflict; however, you will need guidance from a professional to make it more effective.


In a nutshell, mental health is as important as physical health. It brings balance and peace to an individual, creating a civilized and harmonized society. Therefore, we should always try to restore and enrich our mental health to bring positivity around us. You can adopt various ways to make the world more empathetic and tolerant. Securing mental health allows you to spread happiness and positivity ultimately.