We recently polled readers with suggestions for the most effective note-taking apps. Most of you said you continue to do things the old school way with pen and paper—a technique I hands down endorse.

However, talking about the apps, the responses were amazingly varied; I had no idea that rich different note editor apps existed. And that meant I’ve to do a lot of research. Well, it also meant I have a rock-solid roster of great apps you can use to create a reminder, jot down ideas, or keep track of checklists.

3 Awesome Note Editor Apps That Elevate Your Stress In 2019

1. Evernote

Evernote got maximum votes among the contenders, however, it came with some graspable caveats.

First, the good: Evernote incorporates an array of choices for keeping your thoughts and work organized and supports text, audio, and video notes. It features strong cross-platform support enabling you to access all of your documents from multiple devices and internet browsers. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are also outfitted with the Evernote net clipper add-on that saves entire webpages to your documents for fast access, whereas the iOS version includes Siri integration. If you wish to induce even a lot granular with the cross-platform integration, the $15 premium version of Evernote supports Google Drive, Microsoft groups, Outlook, Slack, and more. The premium version additionally includes useful options like offline note access. Evernote is clearly a great alternative to paper and pen.

2. One note

Microsoft’s OneNote additionally got quite a few shoutouts, that isn’t surprising; a bit like Evernote, OneNote ranks high on regarding any note-taking apps list out there.

It earns those recommendations, too. Not solely will OneNote support text and web content clippings, however, you’ll be able to additionally write notes if you’re employing a pill orbit screen and scan physical documents.

Since this can be a Microsoft product, you’ll be able to adjust your notes across all devices tied to your Microsoft account, as well as iOS and Android devices. however even though you aren’t signed in to the same account, you’ll be able to still get pleasure from the native integration with Microsoft workplace apps like excel and Word.

3. Zoho Notebook

Like alternative apps listed here, Zoho Notebook supports a variety of notes and media embeds, however, it differentiates itself with versatile tabulation and organization choices. Most alternative apps merely stack or collect your notes in a very single location and restricted organization or progress choices, however, Zoho Notebook uses color writing and customizable functions to form differing kinds of notes like checklists, spreadsheets, media clips, and more. Every sort of note has its own options, visual style, and even specific gesture controls for fast UI navigation.

Bottom Line

There are other note editor apps such as Google Keep, Apple Notes, Joplin notes, Simple note and so on which got only smattering of votes. Do check them out; Afterall, notes are notes!

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