CHICAGO – Around 13 teens from Naperville North High School fell ill Tuesday, after eating gummy bears mixed with other substances.

Around the symptoms experienced at first were fast heart pacing, dizziness, and dry mouth, according to the school officials. 14 of them were hospitalized at Edward Hospital after they complained about feeling sick, beginning about 10:30 a.m. At five pm they were all treated and released. Appropriate testing is being done to find out what the substance in the gummy bears was exactly. An investigation to find out about the distribution of the said candy is also on its course.

Students told authorities that the candy was laced with marijuana. Image Credit: Chicago Tribune.

“For safety precautions, they were transported to Edward to receive medical attention. Each student had varying degrees of discomfort and subsequent treatment was needed.” said Naperville District 203 Superintendent, Dan Bridges, to The Chicago Tribune.

He also made remarks on the great matter that represent the health and the well-being of the children for the district, and that they will work side by side with the police office to keep on with the investigation.

He also said parents needed to have a conversation around this topic as well. District 203 spokeswoman Michelle Fregoso, supported his proposal on the press conference given after the incident. She reminded about the community resources they already count with like church groups and family counseling boards.

Law has not found its shape on the case just yet.

Regarding the punishment for the criminal, when found, the authorities said they are still discussing whether this was a juvenile court case or if the matter was something be dealt with internally by the school district. The police commander, Jason Arres, said the most important thing for the kids to take out of this experience was to be more cautious with what they put on their bodies and where does it come from.

So far, police officers have taken a couple of students into an interrogation about rumors of their involvement with the gummy bears but were left out because of lack of evidence. They are following leads on other students.

Police forces also implied students were not aware of what they were consuming. Nevertheless, they suspect it might be marijuana oil and there’s a chance one of them brought it there. Naperville High School said it is taking a deep look at the situation and will take proper actions about it.

On a casual note, former NBA star and motivational speaker Chris Herren were in Naperville High School just weeks ago to talk to the students about overcoming addiction and drug problems and battling to become a sober and stable man.

The students indicated they ate the gummy bears in between classes throughout the day. Noticeably, the word about the events spread fast by social media, and text messages let even students on a field trip, knew what was happening. Social workers and counselors are already commanded to speak with the students.

Source: The Daily Mail