Today, many people are looking towards professional writing as a digital means of boosting their income. However, just like any other niche, professional writing requires a certain level of dedication, learning, preparation, and effort. The good news is that compared to other industries, professional writing is easier to learn as a skill and implement as a profession.

11 Ways to Get Started With Professional Writing
Nick Morrison

Today’s students have abundantly moved to the digital world to get most of their work done. They also tend to get various academic writing tasks. Thus, in this climate and era, it becomes a lot easier for such individuals to pursue working in the area they are familiar with. Doing so will not only increase their knowledge in the subject but will also help them earn more money.

Yet, while looking for career opportunities, students shouldn’t neglect educational matters. Besides, you can always seek some affordable but effective professional help to complete your academic tasks. But it is a good idea to check some essay service reviews before picking such services.

So, you’ve taken care of your studies and can focus on building a career. Now, it’s time to learn eleven ways to get started with professional writing.

Increase Your Reading Time

All those who seek to improve their overall quality of writing simply need to read more. Reading will always provide budding writers with ideas to enhance their skills. Reading quality content can improve one’s grammar, sentence formation, word choice, and more. You’ll understand which techniques to use to attract your audience.

Find More Gigs

There is no professional writing without practice. The digital climate has fostered the overall amount of information produced and consumed. Thus, it has opened several opportunities for writers, even for those from highly diverse or rare niches. Those who seek to become professional writers should take their duties seriously and seek well-paying jobs from the onset.

Publish Fresh Articles on Free Sources

To have better chances of landing a dream job, writers need to publish their work. How will a potential employer know you’re good if you don’t have a portfolio? Luckily, today, there are several platforms and websites that allow writers to publish their work free of charge. Some of the most popular free platforms are Blogger, Medium, and Twitter.

Try Guest Posting

Aspiring writers might have trouble publishing on free platforms due to newcomer constraints. In this case, look for an alternative – guest posting. It will allow you to demonstrate your skills on websites with high numbers of followers and visitors. Sometimes, writers can also get paid based on their performance and the benefits their articles bring to the website.

Regularly Pitch Your Work to Editors

Good editors are always on the lookout for authentic stories and storytellers. Thus, if aspiring professional writers believe they have the ability to deliver good content, they shouldn’t ever shy away from directly pitching to editors. One can find editors from the digital and print worlds on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other websites.

Use Social Media

Social media is certainly one of the essential tools for growth today. And this principle applies to any industry or niche. Social media doesn’t only contain a heap of writers but also almost every potential employer in the market. Why? Because everyone wants and needs to be seen in public to grow.

Accordingly, it tends to foster a vast hub for all kinds of professional work. Some of the most powerful social channels to grow as a writer are Facebook, Quora, Reddit, Twitter, & LinkedIn.

Create a Strong Portfolio (Website)

To get better jobs or even the first gig, writers need to showcase their work in the best possible way. Creating an impressive portfolio can also stand as a testament to the work quality of a writer.

Students can collate their best and most relevant work in Word, PPT, Excel, or PDF documents or create a portfolio website. Some of the websites with affordable or free plans are WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and GoDaddy.

Learn to Market Your Brand & Skills

Most professional writers treat their work as a business. And, like any other business, to generate more income, one needs to market it well. All successful writers, no matter their niche, have always worked hard to create a name for themselves. So, aspiring writers should dedicate much of their energy and time to promoting their services.

Network! Network! Network!

The promotion and growth of one’s writing business or career can be effectively doubled through better networking. Networking is basically connecting with new people and potential partners to increase earnings on both sides. For example, there is never a better way to network for students than during college because they tend to meet people from various walks of life. In addition, writers can attend various events or network online.

Regularly Visit Job Boards

Some of the best online portals to find jobs are through job boards for writers. These job boards are mostly free to use and connect writers, editors, and potential employers. Writers should prepare their resumes, portfolios, and cover letters in a timely fashion to pitch for relevant jobs as they arise.

Invest More Time Into Perfecting Your Skills

Like any other skill, writing must also be regularly practiced and worked upon. And how does one eventually improve their skill? That’s right, through consistency and persistence in their craft.

Some writers can effectively produce quality content in larger quantities than others. Their secret is in being patient and disciplined. Thus, writing as much as you can makes this activity a habit. Gradually, you will notice your weak areas and will know what to do to get better.

The Bottom Line

Professional writing can be a boon to an individual’s income because of the digital age and the increasing demand for such services. Since there is still a lot of work from home today, students can take up extra writing tasks in their free time to boost their confidence and earnings. Those who are just starting out can take some upskilling courses to become better in the craft.